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I have my old iPhone 1st gen 8gb which i use as a spare phone but it has 2 small problems with the screen.


There are grey lines on the screen as you can see on the pic. They are at the top near the carrier name and also across the top icons.


Also sometimes the touch screen becomes unresponsive. But then i switch the silent switch on and off and it works fine.


Also unrelated, the volume for the earpiece is quite low. I put it on full volume but still low.





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    It's broken. You can try a 3rd party repair service, but I honestly don't know if it's worth the cost given how old it is.


    Apple won't touch it since it's jailbroken.

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    Yeah i thought as much. I wont bother trying to restore it or taking it for repairs. The phone still works fine and only occasionally the touch screen becomes non responsive which seems to fix itself when i switch it to silent then back to normal.


    Lol i didnt even think of hiding the Cydia icon before taking the picture of the screen