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Pier Rodelon Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

In Snow Leopard and prior incarnations I recall that I could easily change icon size in any window by either using the scroll wheel on the mouse OR by a small slider that was in the bottom right corner of the foremost window. Now in Lion there is no "bar" at the bottom of a window and no "slider" there to adjust icon size.


I know you can do it through the right click Show View Options menu, but I'm looking for something more immediate, for those times when I'm looking at a overfull folder and I want to increase or, more likely, decrease, the size of the icons to get more on screen.


Has this capability been removed in Lion?




PS Please forgive me if I've mis-remembered the specific mechanism for changing the size. I remember be able to do it and that doing it was trivial, but I may be off on the precise mechanism.