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Peter Mars Level 1 Level 1 (130 points)

Man Oh Man I am completely lost. Some how I cannot find the help forums.... I have searched "help" and "Help Forum" and nothing is coming up. Iused to click on the "bubble Icons" and it took me right to the help forums, now I get this double column deal with no apparent logic or order to it!


Imused to be able to look for answers and post topics for troubleshooting and it was amazing. I think Apple has outsourced it's forum area to India!


If anyone knows where to look or can send me a link some how, I would appreciate it. I will not be able to check back to this comment because I have no idea where it's going but hopefuy someone will get it and can respond to me directly??


Not sure if I'm signed in or not and not sure where to go to find the Forums. I have been unable to find them for quite sometime now.

Thanks to anyone who can help.




p.s. I am just trying to find information about MacKeeper... I read that it was a virus(?)