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Hi i need to know if These: http://store.apple.com/us/product/H0726LL/A/Beats_by_Dr_Dre_Solo_HD_Headphones_f rom_Monster?mco=MTczMzU1ODE

are compatible foor say a mac computer or pc's?

please help this would be a great help if you could...

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    from your link

    Technical Specs


    Other Features: With Remote and Mic


    Jack Type: Angled,24K Gold <----


    an analog jack is an analog jack  they will work with the original sony walkman from the 80's as well as any other device which have a normal sized jack (in which case a converter is required) to all minijack (the ones always used unless we are talking about guitar amps)


    but doubt the mic would work though

    having a mic ring on a minijack connector is not within the specs and there are no real standarts så there are 1000's of ways to carry the mic and don't believe any computers support the 3th ring mic

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    Yeah they work. I have my own pair. Been using them for skype calls etc,

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    They've been called "fashion accessories for teenagers" by lots of people for a reason.  They are all hype.


    This article is helpful: