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  • 15. Re: Sound icon is greyed out at start up (though sound can be heard); only workaround found so far: plugging in/out earphone, then sound icon is reactivated
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    fredblondieau wrote:


    Yep, thanks, yet another workaround, but not requesting to reboot.

    Let's then wait for the fix/patch from Apple...

              Ok, thanks for the feedback fredblondieau and Francois Dillenger .

           Sorry I'm just getting back with you guys so late but lets give it a second try and

         lets make sure we check all our t-s and i-s. I upgraded three of my computers from Snow Leopard

         to Lion. The first two (2006 iMac and mid 2009 Macbook Pro) no issues. However, the third (late 2009 Macbook Pro)

         with the sound icon greyed out issue which I notice after the first update. So, lets try fixing this issue again!!! This is what

         I've done so far!!!

    I- Start computer by holding down Shift + Control+ Option and Power at the same time.

        Press and release!   (resetting System Management Controller SMC)

        You may want to read     http://support.apple.com/kb/ht3964

    II-Open System Preferences

         A) Click on Users & Groups

         B) Click on Login Items

         C) Delete all applications listed if any. Specially if its a third party software which I believe is the issue.

         D) Quit System Preferences

    III- Make sure you turn off Bluetooth

    IV- Lets get speaker icon working for now by opening terminal application under utilities folder.

         A) Type sudo killall coreaudiod

         B) Type your password         (you are not going to see your password so get it correct)

         C) Press Enter= (return) 

         D) Type exit and quit terminal application

    V- Lets re-name the Audio folder. The Audio folder you want to change is in preferences. Re-name it

           Audio.old. This how we do it!!!

          A) Press Command+Shift+G

          B) Go to Folder window will paper type: /Library/Preferences/Audio            (Enter)

          C) Change name of Audio folder to Audio.old

          D) Re-start computer and check audio         (Audio should be working)

    VI- Lets deal with fredblondieau issue (_coreaudiod process is taking *much* of my cpu resources (136      coreaudiod _coreaudiod 114,7 5 3,4 MB Intel (64 bit)) and the fan keeps turning on and on like mad... ) and Francois Dillenger issue (I also had the new problem of _coreaudiod taking up pretty much a whole core of the cpu.  I noticed that the Audio folder under /Library/Preferences was never automagically regenerated, so I tried renaming Audio.old back to Audio.  As soon as I did this, the _coreaudiod cpu usage stopped.)

        A) Re-start computer by holding down command+R to access Recovery HD or

             re-start by holding down the Option key and choosing Recovery HD. Also if you

             have OS X Lion on a flash drive you can choose that. You may want to read

             http://osxdaily.com/2011/07/08/make-a-bootable-mac-os-x-10-7-lion-installer-from -a-usb-flash-drive/

        B) Click on Reinstall Mac OS X.    NOTE: OS X Lion will keep your System Intact so long you don't use disk utility to erase HD.

        C) After computer re-start  go to /Library/Preferences/  by

              1-Pressing Command+Shift+G

              2-Go to Folder window will appear type /Library/Preferences/Audio. You should have a new Audio folder.

              Go ahead and delete Audio.old folder.

              3-Repair permission from disk utility and Shut Down computer.

              4-Start up computer and Hold down Option+Command+R+P until you hear the second star up chime. You may want to

              read how to reset PRAM.     http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1379

         D) Check Audio and _coreaudiod process.

               VII- If this  doesn't fix it, Another workaround  would be to hold the space bar while the computer boots

               and wait for chime.




                                             I hope all should be well with your system.


                                                   Until next Lion update!!! 


    PS Stolen from linux forum: Beware of the man who would deny you access to information,

    for in his heart he dreams himself your master

    My disclaimer this is just my new hobby and english is may second language!!!  Good Luck Guys!!!

  • 17. Re: Sound icon is greyed out at start up (though sound can be heard); only workaround found so far: plugging in/out earphone, then sound icon is reactivated
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    I have a macbook pro late 2010 with Lion installed, I had my earphones in last night, today I went to play some tunes and the volume up or down just showed a circle with a line through. I did all the updates restarted several times to no avail. I then as above plugged the earphones in and out several times and all is back to normal, I was going to remove lion a week or so ago, due to some other issues. I'm ordering more memory and a bigger HD so I will do it then. I think apple is spending too much time at war in the phone market and needs to sort this out

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