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I am unable to sync photos to iPad. My computer shutdown during the photo optimisation process

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Aug 6, 2011 3:03 AM

I am using the latest software and updates on both my iPad 2 and windows 7 32 bit laptop. I have reinstalled the latest edition of iTunes, and yet I still cannot do a synch to my iPad 2 as the computer shutdown during photo optimisation.


I have even reinstalled windows so there is nothing else I can think of.


Does anyone know how I can get photos on my iPad without making windows shutdown... It's driving me mad. Seems to be ok with my iPod and iphone4, it's just the iPad that's causing the trouble. Help me PLEASE!!!

iPad 2, Windows 7
  • SimonHobson Calculating status...

    I'm having the same problem with a MacBook Pro - the problem is the processor overheating under load (my machine has done that as long as I've had it, even after two logic board replacements for other faults). I've been syncing the photos a few at a time - however doing by selected events seems to have made it bypass the optimisation process and just copy the files without optimisation.


    So I came here trying to find out what it's doing - I assume optimisation is "reduce the file size to suit the smaller screen: which is what I want to conserve storage space.


    Back to your problem, at owrk we had a machine in that was doing the same - switched off under load. It turned out to be a BIOS setting that had disabled fan control and so the fans weren't winding up as the processor got hot, and so it shut down.

    Sorry, but I can't recall what the setting was that was wrong.

  • SimonHobson Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well in principal it's a matter of figuring out why your cooling isn't working properly. It's either a case fo the fans not running up enough, or there's a thermal limitation (insufficient heatsink, insufficient fan, fluff restricting airflow, poor thermal contact between heatsink and fan, ...)


    In practice, if everything is reasonably cool, then doing photos in small batches should work (although it's tedious) - it's a matter of figuring out how much work your computer can do before it overheats.


    I don't know what's available for PCs, but on Macs there are various utilities that will show fan speed and processor temperature. I find mine shuts down somewhere between 120 and 125˚C. I've also just found out that there's a developer utility for turning off processor cores - and mine will manage to run continuously with one core maxed out. If your BIOS has options to disable cores or turn down the clock speed then that might also be a workaround.

  • mic_sully Calculating status...

    I just got my IPad2, trying to set it up and download my photo library from my Windows 7 laptop.  Each time after optimization, it shuts down my Windows.  I am just so frustrated!  Like several people above I have been scanning the net to find the solution - tried everything and nothing is working so far.  Hopefully, Apple can tell us what the issue is and how to correct it!  


    Sharing photos on the IPad was the reason I bought it!!  Help!?!

  • CE_Drudge Calculating status...

    Hi all, I use latest version of itunes for  XP on a AMD dual CPU 64 6000 Shuttle SN78H7   PC. During compression of 400 12mpixel pics for sync to my ipad the fans run faster and faster until PC switches off due to overheating after compressing 200 pics. I measured power input to rise from 60W (idle) to 180W when itunes starts the compression. Note no benchmark or regular multi CPU using  program known to me stresses my system as much as itunes does.


    My current solution is to compress pics down to 3mpixels size and then to sync via itunes to ipad. This uses much less CPU resources and my PC does not go south due to overtemp.


    Does anybody know how to strottle itunes to use less CPU resources?


    BTW, ACDSee Does reduce pic size as fast as itunes's algorithm,  uses 140W, however without causing overheat shut down.


    Any help from Apple support would be appreciated.


    Br Matt

  • stevefrombaton rouge Calculating status...

    having the same problem with syncing photos....installed newest itunes and tried syncing with windows 7 machine...itunes crashes every time...not in the same place....

    my wife's primary use of the ipad is for photos and up until this latest release it was it has no photos and i am in hot, hot water...I have done all the iphone cache deletions and etc.   nothing seems to work....Help, help, help!

  • SimonHobson Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Do you mean crashes (as in some software problem) or turns off completely (hardware issue) ?


    If it's crashing then it's a different problem and you'd be better starting a new thread. If it's hardware then the same things apply as have already been mentioned above.


    It's clear that iPhoto (at least the Mac version, I don't use Windows) puts a lot of load on the processor - more than most people ever do at other times. If the thermal management is not up to scratch, the processor will overheat, and the machine will just switch off without warning. I agree it's "rather annoying" In programming terms it's the right thing to to, run parallel threads and fully utilise the resources available - you don't worry about overheating the processor since that should not happen in a properly designed and built system.


    So check your BIOS settings to make sure any settings there are correct. If the machine is still under warranty then take it back to the supplier and tell them the thermal management isn't right. Other than that, you may have to start investigating the hardware - is the heatsink and fan up to the job, is the headsink properly mated to the processor, and so on. I'd not suggest getting into this yourself unless you know what you are doing - find someone that does since it's easy to make matters worse.


    As I mentioned above, at first I was doing photos in small batches (or or two events or folders at a time) and allowing the processor to cool down in between (you need a utility that will tell you the core temperature to do this). This is a right PITA though. Then I found there is a utility in Apple's dev tools for turning off cores for testing - turning off a core made things run more slowly but meant that the processor didn't overheat and I could just leave it. It may be worth looking in your BIOS and/or OS to see if there's something similar - or a means of turning down the clock speed.

  • tmercier Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I think a few have hit the nail on the head here. It may also be important to note that hardware-wise, the iPad also creates a power draw through USB which stresses power supplies. The PSU on my board comes within 1/4" of my processor fan/sink. I noticed the last time I attempted a sync with over 200 new photos the air coming from the PSU was extremely hot.

    The iPad claims not to charge, but after being left plugged in for several hours the charge percentage goes up 1 or 2 percent. While the iPad display is still on it's feasible to think that the power draw far exceeds that of an iPhone/iPod, which probably causes even more heat to build up in the area.


    I self built my computer years ago and have not been happy with the fan placement for some time. Today I'm going to go home, remove the side panel, and blow 72 degree air directly in the box with a 3' box fan.


    I anticipate success. If not, I will resort to changing BIOS settings.

  • tmercier Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Success first go around. I did exceed my original planning a bit though.  I wound up breaking much of the case down, giving it a good dust blowing. I removed the CPU heatsink to find that I had initially applied far too much thermal grease years ago. So I gave both surfaces a good alcohol cleaning and reapplied the "half drop of water" before reseating the sink. I left my side panel off, fired up my box fan, turned the pc on and began syncing to my ipad 2. Around 400 photos (half of which were 14MP) were optimized in the course if about 12 mins on my old AMD 2.6 D/C 5200.


    I think fixing the heat sink and not playing an hour or two of video games before attempting to sync may have helped more than anything else. 

    iPad 2, Win7 64 bit/4gb ddr3/AMD 2.6 d/c
  • lekiboy Calculating status...

    same wondering why apple has not released a statement yet- i will be reporting this to my tech friend who reviews tech gadgets constantly in dailies and mags...

  • CE_Drudge Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi all, finally I have solved the issue and I now know it's a hardware cooling problem !


    I upgraded my Shuttle SN78H7 from a X2 6000+ AMD to an AMD X4 965. Taking the old CPU out I noticed to little thermal grease between CPU and heat sink, and also dust covering 50% of the fanned heat pipe heat sink. I removed all, installed the new CPU (which actually draws at full looad of all cores 35Watt more power than the X2 6000+, and .... everinything runs fine, even the iPad photo sync.


    To test your system I recommend to use the free CPU stress program Core2MaxPerf.exe. This can simulate 100% use of 1 to all 2-4 cores (same load as Apple's programs). The temperatures of each core you can check best with the free program " Argus Monitor ". It also allows you to adjust the fans manually.


    So clean your fan and heat pipes + check the thermal contact of your heat sink with above programs. Hint: if the temp of a CPU rises within 20 Seconds from 35 to 80 degC when applying 100% load to all cores then your heat transfer from CPU to heat sink is bad.


    good luck fixin it. br Matt 


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