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I have clips spread all over, and I want to have them all automatically copied into the actual events library folder, in the same way that you can do with iTunes.

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    I just tested this, and it does work, but ...


    In FCP X, create a new event.  In Finder search for all your media files (.mov for example).  Then drag the resulting files in the search window onto the new event name you created in FCP X.  It will import them all.  If you are set to import original media in your Preferences, you will likely get copies of everything in your event folder on the disk.  If you are set to not copy original media to the event, I am postulating you will get aliases pointing to all those files in the event folder under the Original Media sub-folder.  If you ever move an original, in this case, you will get a red icon showing the media is no longer where the alias pointed to, etc.  Dirty, but effective ...

    Best wishes.


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    Andy Mees Level 6 Level 6 (12,595 points)

    Hey Heilemann


    Automatic copying of media to the event library is a standard function of the software, you just need to enable the Organizing: Copy files to Final Cut Events folder option in the FCP X Preferences window >> Import tab.


    If you previously didn't have that checked and now want to copy your project media into the Final Cut Events folder then you can use the Organize Event Files command: just select the Event you want to consolidate in the Event Library and then choose File menu > Organize Event Files.


    Hope it helps


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    Andy is right, the command you are looking for is "Copy files to FInal Cut Events folder". If it not selected then FCPx leaves the Media FIle where it is and creates just an alias in the "Final Cut Events" folder.

    However the Preferences settings doesn't set the feature automatically for all imports, just for the drag and drop. For the standard "File Import" command, you set it right there in the settings window regardless of the Preferences settings.

    This way you can ensure that you have all your Media Files in the "Final Cut Events" folder. If not then use the "Organize Event Files" commands to pull them in later.


    There are two ways to get Media Files into FCPx in the first place:


    1) Import (into Event)

    "Copy files to Final Cut Events folder" is set int eh import settings window


    2) Drag-and-Drop (into Event or Timeline)

    "Copy files to Final Cut Events folder" applies based on the Preferences settings


    I cover that in more details in my manual "Final Cut Pro X - How it Works", available on my website:



    Here is a screenshot from the Import chapter


    Hope that helps


    Edgar Rothermich




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    For free documentation, here's what the manual says:


    Merge multiple Events

    • In the Event Library, do one of the following:
      1. Drag one or more Events that you want to combine to a new Event.
      2. Select the Events you want to combine, and choose File > Merge Events.
    • In the Merge Events window that appears, type a new name for the Event.
    • Choose the disk where you want to store the Event’s source media files from the Location pop-up menu, and click OK.


    Final Cut Pro merges the selected Events into a single Event in the Event Library. The source media files for all the clips are moved into the merged Event folder on the hard disk and stored in the location you chose from the pop-up menu.


    source: http://help.apple.com/finalcutpro/mac/10.0/#verc1face68

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    hafken Level 4 Level 4 (1,225 points)

    oops, I just realize you wanted to consolidate single events, not merge them. Sorry!


    Andy is right -- just select your Event or Events in the Event Browser, and choose "Organize Events" from the File menu. You will get a popup that says:


    Final Cut Pro.jpg

    This will copy the original media into the Event folder(s), replacing the alias files. As you can see, it is not undoable. :-)

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    I have two cameras and two editors during an working day. Two mac, with two final cut X. Every fcx has one event with favorited item captured during that day. At night, i need to merge the favorited event from one mac, to another. I plug the external drive, select both events and choose "MERGE EVENTS". The result is a lot of problem, because we have the same filename from diferent cameras and FCX don't recognize that. Is there a way to merges these events without filename problems??

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    Hi Paradebh,


    I came across the same problem… if you merge events which contain clips with the same filename, it just kills both file references during the merge. No warning, no hint at all, just offline media everywhere. I dont't let FCPX copy the files to his structure, so there are only aliases that get deleted.


    Deleted! Imagine doing that with your original media. And there's no undo for merge.


    That's crazy. Have you found a solution (besides giving every file you import a name different from everything else)?





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    I happen to get a yellow triangle bearing an exclamation mark on some events. Had been asked to relink but did not know how to? Proceeded along the method you had outlined in your post but developed cold feet when asked to opt for a command which cannot be undone! New to all this stuff and would like to know whether this procedure is the same as relinking?



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    Nope, no solution yet. I use a "renamer" software to rename my files before import it. There is a new option is FCX (MODIFY / APPLY CUSTOM NAME) but they don't rename the files, just in project. I'ts a PAIN!!! Stupid problem and apple don't correct that. WHY FCX DON'T RENAME THE FILES WHEN MERGE EVENTS??? I'ts simple, just do that like when you import two files with same name.

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    I just recovered from what looks like a similar problem.  I was done with my project that organized the clips into 3 events.  To archive the project, I duplicated the project with the option to include only used clips.  When I checked the archived project and the "merged" event, it had all these "modified files".  I traced it down to duplicate clip file names in the different (original) events.  Although it's a pain and it took me a few hours, I managed to get the archive to work. 


    First the duplicated project is hosed but I used it to identify the clips.  I had to bounce between that project and the original one.  For each "modified file" clip in the hosed project, I found it in my original project.  Then I revealed that clip in the event browser.  Then I revealed the clip in the finder.  I CHANGED the name.  Then the clip will change to "missing file".  Then I relinked that clip.  I did this for all the "modified files".  Then I re-duplicated the project again with only the used clips option.  It almost worked but one of the clips was totally hosed on that "merge".  Who knows...I had used it with several keys.  So I went back and changed that clip name to something totally different.  (I was just appending something to the end of the original clip name on the first pass.)  That seemed to have done it.


    I don't know how FCPX names the clips it imports, but you would think that if it found duplicate names (names that WE didn't give the clips) that it would use the event name to make it unique somehow.


    It almost makes me wonder if you should just change all the clip names when you start and relink them.  It would be faster than trying to identify and resolve all the duplicate name clips.


    I'm going to submit a bug report.