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I recently upgraded to, and now my iPhone won't complete a backup. It takes forever and eventually says it can't be saved on my computer. iTunes becomes unresponsive and my laptop freezes. Running XP on a Lenovo T61. iPhone is a 3G with 5.15.04 firmware.

Lenovo ThinkPad, Windows XP Pro
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    I have the same problem with Lenova X61 running Windows 7. Any answers?

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    I have same problem on 2 different windows XP systems.

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    I have the same problem and have opened a case with Apple.


    I can reproduce the same issue on


    1) Windows 7, iTunes with both an iPad and iPhone 4

    2) MacBook Pro , iTunes with both an iPad and iPhone 4


    Apple support gave me a link to download the old version of iTunes 10.3.1 for the OSX, http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1103 


    Then they said, they could not help me and I would need to open a new ticket with iPhone or iPAD Support. Since I knew the sorce of the problem and I knew how to restore for a Image and/or Backup.  They will not admit that iTunes has a issue with iPhone and iPAD backups on Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista or MacBook Pro OSX. So, So Said...


    and I found a linke for the old version of the iTunes 64bit for Windows at http://www.oldapps.com/itunes.php


    1. Backup everything.
    2. Uninstall iTunes
    3. The reinstall of iTunes 10.3.1
    4. Deleting the file iTunes Library.itl or restoring it to a version prior to the (Restore is better, in WIndows 7 or Vista just search for  iTunes Library.itl, right click on the file located on C:\Users\%user%\Music\iTunes and click on Propertys, click on the tab Previous Version, and select the version you wold like to restore to.  On a MAC with OSX, restore from your backup Time Machine, Carbon Copy, SuperDuper or other backup software.)
    5. Start iTunes
    6. Restore your itunes settings
    7. run Transfer Purcheses
    8. run iTune BAckup of all your Apple Devices ex: iPhone and iPAD
    9. apply itune settings
    10. run a sync
    11. You may need to discover you old Music, Apps and other iTune stuff.  After you rediscove you should be ok.

    Now you should be back up and running.


    Bottom line.  Backup eveything before you run a iTunes update.  It is a lot easyer to restore from a image then it is to back out an iTunes upgrade.  What a Pain.

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    Problem is I can't back up everything.  Luckily, all I really need to backup are photos, which I should still be able to download.

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    Still no word from Apple!?!?! Come on guys, you have a problem here.

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    Having the same issue.  At first I thought it was the iphone, but I have two phones and an ipad divices linked.  Both phones will not back up.  If I stop the backup (Wxp) in task manager, the other sync will complete.  It hangs in the back up.  Hence, not able to upgrade iphone OS.  This all started when I upgrated to   I have unistalled this version and reinstalled.  Still hangs in the backup portion.  A bug.

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    Steve and Others,


    Your backup issues are most likely related to an app on your iphone or ipad.


    EX:  Some apps have large backups and the backups hang.  You can disable the backup of the iphone apps from the iphone or ipad and then the itune backup will work, after an itune upgrade should work again.


    I had to turn off the Zinio Backups.  You do this from the app on you iphone or ipad.


    I can confirm that this isnt just an issue with Zinio, i have been doing a lot of testing over the last few days and it seems that any app that you can synch external content with causes the slow backups.

    the apps i have tried so far

    Comic Zeal
    Good Reader
    Quick PDF+

    https://comiczeal.tenderapp.com/discussions/problems/16-comiczeal-causing-slowdo wn-in-ipad-sync


    Fixes that work:





    Since upgrading to 3.0, I had never been able to finish a backup. After 2+ hours, it would still be only halfway, and so I would hit X and let it sync.


    After reading the post from sbessel (thanks!) I got to thinking that maybe some of my apps that cache a lot of data were the problem. So I deleted some, and was able to complete a backup in less than half an hour. That's still long, but I am hopeful that it will be faster from now on.


    Here is what I did:


    1. On the Phone, deleted applications that I had recently used which cache a lot of data for offline use:


    -- NY Times
    -- BBC Reader
    -- WallStreetJournal
    -- ESPN ScoreCenter (cited as a problem in a similar thread)
    -- NetNewsWire
    -- Huffington Post


    2. Renamed the backup folder on the PC
    (on Windows XP, it is at:
    C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup and the folder has a hexadecimal name.)


    3. Sync


    This worked. Backup took less than half an hour. I am now going to add the apps back in.


    Very happy to have sort of resolved this without having to do a restore.


    Thanks to all of you who posted on this, especially sbessel.


    Update : There is no need to remove all applications. Use the following method instead –

    This typically happens when you sync your iphone to two computers. Or if you are syncing on a computer other than the one on which you originally bought the application.

    For example, in my case I sync it with the computer at work as well as with the one at home. I download some apps at work and some at home. I update some contacts at work and some at home and I want my iphone to be able to sync with both computers and I think this is what is causing the problem.

    Here is what I do to fix it and it works everytime –

    1. Immediately after the sync I launch any of my downloaded apps to see it they close by themselves.

    2. If yes, I power off my iphone

    3. I close Itunes.

    4. Re-open itunes. Go to Store > Deauthorize computer > enter appstore id and password. You will get a pop up message saying this computer has been de-authroized.

    4. Go to Store > Authorize computer > Enter appstore ID and password. You will now get a message saying this computer has been Authorized.

    5. power on your iphone and sync again.

    Doing this fixes the problem.



    Fixing slow iTunes sync of iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (the backup issue)



    Some Fixes:


    iPhone locks up:  I fixed the problem by doing the following:

    1. Click on “Settings.”
    2. Click on “General.”
    3. Click on “Reset.”
    4. Click on “Reset All Settings.”

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    Bad iTunes Apple


    I appreciate your suggestions.  However, I did not have this issue before installing 10.4.80   and after looking through my newly installed apps, I can't find anything that has a backup in the app that could be running and stalling out the back up.  I have never used any of the apps you have listed.  If you have any other possible apps you have tested, please pass them on to the group.   Also, I tested putting my phone in Airplane mode.  Seems like if the phone is trying to do a back up, that would stop it from accessing an internet / 3G network.   Did not make a difference.  Still hung up on the Backup.  Still think it is a bug in this version of iTunes.  Thanks


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    I have the same issues I have just downloaded the latest itunes and my iphone 3GS is failing to synch, I leave it all night and it just crashes out of sits on a synch section and does not go any further.

    itunes is crashing and I have tried re-installing with no luck.

    I have also lost connection to the itunes store???

    I found a post that said uninstall all itunes products and re-install and try and I still have no itunes store or iphone synch/backup.


    Has anyone resolved this?

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    Many upgrades ago I had the same problem with hanging back ups etc.  The solution then was to remove specific Apps which cache (App Sniper was the culprit in my case).

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    I am having the same issue on two different computers, both Windows 7 64-bit. They were backing up fine before the release of

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    OK, I now have done almost everything except back rev to an earlier version of iTunes.  I decided to restore by iPhone back to original (through iTunes).  I also removed all the apps except for iPhone out of the box apps.  By restoring (and saying no to back up), I was able to update my Verizon phone to the latest software and firmware.  I have even checked my time zone (as instructed in some of the back issues) and checked my firewall (even turned it off).  But it still will not do a back up.   I am doing the the manual back up.  I have even removed (renamed ) past back ups to make sure it is not a corruptions.  Still nothing.  The only variable, that I can figure out is all this started after I updated to   Since i have a work around for right now, I guess I'll have to wait until iTunes makes a update again.  I hope someone from Apple is reading this.

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    I would like to report success.  After reading more discussions from other threads, I tried doing another iTunes uninstall .  Making nsure to delete every part.  ITunes, and every other apple windows app related to iTunes.  I did not delete the remaining folders. Only used add/remove programs in windows control panel..  Rebooted and reinstalled iTunes and quick time.  Tested a manual backup and success.  Did a full sink.  Plugged in my wife's iPhone and backed up with success.  No restore necessary.  My iPad 2 also was successfully backed up and did an os update.  A complete uninstall was the solution.

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    Success for me too! By uninstalling all Apple programs listed under Add/Remove programs and reinstalling iTunes I was finally able to backup and sync my iPhone. Just uninstalling/reinstalling iTunes by iteself did not do it. I also uninstalled Apple Mobile Device Support and Apple Application Support and Quicktime. I also deleted any of the backup folders from failed backups. This did the trick. Thanks to stevenfromregon!

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