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I'm a senior in high school and I am thinking about getting a MacBook for this year. I will bei going to college next year and I'm wondering if should wait untill next summer to get it. If there is going to be no changes to the computer then I would like to get mine now so I can get used to it and use it this year. Do you think I should wait or get one now?

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    KeanuReeves Level 3 Level 3 (535 points)

    It really is up to you. The new Macbook pro's came out end february, so they should be around for a while before they are updated again. Also, Lion was released only recently. Macbook airs also just got upgraded.


    If you wait a whole year, it is possible that you might get a slightly faster computer, but it is unlikely that there will be dramatic changes.


    I think if you get one now, you should be happy keeping it for atleast a couple of years.

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    Nobody knows when a new MacBook is coming out and what is being updated...if you are fine with the computer you have now, I would probaby wait.

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    Take this with a grain of salt. 


    If you buy one now, you'll get to use it this year.  Yes there will be changes, I can't think of a single year where there have not been some significant improvements.  But you can say that all the time, and if you keep waiting, then you never get one........

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    Keep in mind, that intels sandy bridge processors and thunderbolt just came out.

    There are hardly any devices that use thunderbolt right now.


    So there really is going to be a while before they get replaced by something better.

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    Unfortunately, the original MacBook line has been dropped, in favor of the MacBook Air.

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    Another viewpoint, especially for a student on a budget ...


    I recently stopped waiting and purchased because I had a definable need.  But I did not like the idea of limiting what I would purchase due to "I need it now".


    While new features may not justify waiting, perhaps it would be wise take a few months to gather a few more $$ so that the sting is a bit less when you pull the trigger.