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  • 15. Re: Changes to ical on iPhone are not syncing over to my iMac ical.
    Lucas-G Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Hi, my name is Lucas, i'm an Apple Certified Technitian.

    Last couple of weeks i've installed OSX Lion in a few Macs.

    But one of them drove me crazy!


    I have a Late 2007 White Macbook and i installed OSX Lion last week. I also have an iPhone 4 (Factory Unlocked) that i also updated to IOS 4.3.5 ... no problems syncing between them


    Then i did the same with a 13'' Unibody MacBook Pro and an iPhone 4 (not unlocked)... no problems neither


    Yesterday i installed Lion on a Mid2010 15" MacBook Pro and updated another iPhone 4 (Factory Unlocked) to IOS 4.3.5 and when i tried to sync the iphone with iTunes 10.4 nothing happened.

    I mean, nothing.. the iTunes started syncing and when it gets to sync the calendars it stayied there forever.

    I left it for hours and nothing.


    As i said i'm an ACT so i tried everithing.


    1- Remove Calendars from iPhone and syncing again

    1- Repair Permittions

    2- Reinstall iTunes

    3- Reset iTunes and iCal Preferences and Caches

    4- Backup iCal - erase ical content and generate a new iCal database

    5- Reset Syncing Prefs and logs

    6- Use DiskWarrior from an external OSX

    7- Reset PRAM


    Nothing worked.

    I thought it could be some conflict with Microsoft Outlook and/or Exchange server since this Mac is the only one of the three macs i installed that uses Outlook Sync and Exchange server and it's the only one that gave me trouble.

    But disableing it didn't worked neither.


    I Already solved this thing out. But i still don't understand the logic of all this... anyway, what y did is this:


    1- turn off microsoft outlook sync with iCal (from outlook preferences)

    2- Backed up iCals (Just in case)

    3- Create a new Calendar Category (by default you have Work and Home... i created one called Test)

    4- i Created a new task at that calendar

    5- In iTunes uncheck the "Sync iCal" box and sync the iPhone

    6- Check th "Sync iCal" box, then check the "sync the selected calendars" box

    7- Check the "Test" calendar and sync the iPhone.


    This worked so i started creating task in this Test Calendar both in iphone and mac, just to test it, Worked fine.


    Then i selected all the other calendars (Home - Work - etc) and i turned on the outlook sync

    Then i synced the iPhone and Voilà everything is working again.

    Now i can create task in outlook calendar and when y sync the iphone it appears on it.


    I don't know what the problem is... but this looks like the solution

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    wvicensjr Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the post.   This worked!  I also added a calendar event via my iphone and synced and it transferred over to my ical on my Mac so thanks again.   I've been extremely frustrated over this but happy to find any solution.  Whew...

  • 17. Re: Changes to ical on iPhone are not syncing over to my iMac ical.
    Ole_S Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    -Two weeks later, suddently the error is back, with the exact same symptoms. New events from iPhone don't show in iCal, and new events in iCal, later moved or deleted, shows up on iPhone.

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