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I cannot start Facetime from my mobile,,,,, tried many times and also many times SMS is being sent.... Its Always Waiting for Activation !!! What to do ??

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3
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    FaceTime activation requires many things.


    Are you in a country where FaceTime is prohibited or have you purchased a phone from a country where FaceTime is prohibited?


    Are you using a SIM from a network that supports the iPhone?


    Is your phone legitimately unlocked or has it been hacked to become unlocked?

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    I have purchased Iphone from Hong Kong, where facetime is not prohibited, and I am using the same in India, where its not prohibited too.


    I am using the SIM from the network, which is supporting Iphone,,, I mean I am using there SIM in our Iphone,,, does you need any other supporting system in that ??


    Kindly advise.

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    hello guys! i've encountered this problem too with my newly bought iphone 4s and luckily i managed to fix it by doing the ff:

    *go to settings


    *check if you have your phone number listed or if it's UNKNOWN

    *if it is unknown then refresh your phone by turning it off and on again and see if it works!


    remember to have your wifi coz it doesnt work with 3g alone coz facetime needs a better internet connection, and you can easily identify if what's causing the problem coz while activating facetime and still it's "waiting for activation" the options below that says "you can be reached for video calls at:"

    is either " Phone"is still verifying or your "Email "has a problem and u'll see "Error" next to it,so basically mine was with my phone number or network related for that moment(weak signal perhaps) ..Goodluck guys!

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    I have same issue. My iphone4 was unlocked by att after 2 year contract. I am using it in India.

    I just want to use it for imesage and facetime on wi-fi. Do I need to have working sim ?

    My current sim is not in service.



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    Step 1: Make sure that you are using a valid Apple ID.

    Step 2: Make sure that you are running a good WiFi connection or cellular (3G connection)

    Step 3: Make sure that your date, time, and time zone are correctly set.

    Step 4: Turn iMessage off and then Turn on again in Go Settings –> Messages.

    Step 5: Open iMessage, under the message settings, a popup message will appear saying “your carrier may charge for SMS messages then select “cancel”. iMessage activates itself after you have clicked cancel. But this would not fully activate itself. Instead, you activated iMessage via e-mail, so you can only send messages with your e-mail address.

    Step 6: Try restarting your device. Switch it off then On again.

    Step 7: Turn off iMessage and FaceTime. Go to Settings –> Phone. Check if your number is reflected in “My Number” and restart your device.

    Step 8: Settings –> General –> Restrictions –> Accounts and make sure that you selected “Allow Changes” and enable the FaceTime to work.

    Step 9: Reset your network settings


    This worked for me 100%. Goodluck and I hope this will help