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OSX Lion + 2011 iMac 27'' + Video = Freeze

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  • RobZ100 Calculating status...
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    Aug 27, 2011 10:33 AM (in response to rubenlx)

    Hi.  I recall a recent Adobe Flash update too


    Just for the guys at Apple, I have an early '08 MacBook Pro with 4Gb memory.  Freezes very often and the memory usage is way up even when no programmes are running - over 2Gb used.  Only seems to run in safe mode.  Why was I this impatient.  Knew I should have waited three months before upgrading!!   This though is the worst upgrade problem I can remember as it makes the machine unuseable, definitely for work!!!

  • pauljpimentel Calculating status...
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    Aug 27, 2011 11:51 AM (in response to RobZ100)

    ...did you run console to see whats handilling or activity monitor to whats using up your sysytem? then google it and you might find a soulution.

  • AnthonyEdwards Calculating status...
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    Aug 27, 2011 4:28 PM (in response to DerekS)

    The problem is indeed not solved in 10.7.1.


    I have installed the 10.7.1 update and, as per my previous posting in this thread, originally installed Lion as an upgrade to a brand new clean install of Snow Leopard.


    Before installing 10.7.1 I had set my mid-2010 iMac to never sleep as a temporary workaround.  After installing 10.7.1 I set it to sleep after 3 hours of inactivity, a long value but sensible as I am using the iMac as a print server for other machines on my network.


    This morning I woke my iMac from sleep so that I could print some documents from my Ubuntu Linux machine.  I did this, after opening iTunes and checking that a few subscribed-to podcasts had downloaded then went out for the day.  On arriving home tonight I tried to wake my iMac from sleep but could not.  It had frozen. I tried plugging in an Apple USB keyboard just in case the issue was Bluetooth related in respect of my Apple wireless (Bluetooth) keyboard and Magic Trackpad but it was not, the Apple USB keyboard could not bring the machine back to life either.


    So, I powercycled the machine, after which I logged in using an administrator account and checked system logs using Console.  No doubt that the machine had frozen.


    So, in respect of my mid-2010 iMac, 10.7.1 has not resolved the freezing after waking from sleep issue.  I have now set its Energy Saver preferences to never sleep once more.

  • moebis Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
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    Aug 27, 2011 10:43 PM (in response to rubenlx)

    Everyone with a 2011 iMac (usually the 6970M 1GB and 2GB) here is the thread for the graphical artifacting issue:


  • myfruit Level 1 Level 1 (50 points)
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    Aug 28, 2011 12:49 AM (in response to moebis)

    I bought new 25" iMac i5 ( 2011 mid-iMac with Radeon 6750)two weeks ago and upgraded to 7.10.1 straight away. Initially, everything looked good: YouTube video from Safari, mp4 from VLC or iPhoto, or ever ISO from Plex player always run smooth both before and after sleep and no screen freeze was found. However, the mouse cursor via trackpad is found missing in a shot while occasionally. My iMac is also extended with another DELL monitor via mini display port <> DVI cable.


    It was just happened this morning that the whole iMac hang while I played a video from google Picassa. That video was my captured video through ipad2 and transformed into mp4. Yet, it is 850MB, not HD yet. Thought it was further converted to flv when uploaded to Picassa. Well, The initial playback was all right. Then I started using Safari to check Facebook on the DELL screen. Then, all the iMac and DELL screens were suddenly frozen and the Picassa video playback was stopped. I couldn't find the cursor on the screen at that moment. I used another wired USB mouse connecting to the USB port. Well, the mouse cursor appeared but there was no function to all the USB mouse and trackpad. I had to use hot keys to force quit all the applications and restart the iMac.


    I'm wondering if the update 7.10.1 has really solved the screen freeze problem when it deals with the flash video.

  • danielfromascot vale Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
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    Aug 29, 2011 10:36 PM (in response to rubenlx)

    I will share my 4 week adventure with lion and my new iMac..


    I am a new mac user, and purchased a iMac 27" 1T 1GB GPU system.


    Worked flawlessly with my aftermarket OWC 16GB RAM kit in SL.


    Upgraded to lion and had a number of issues with the OS interface and video display.


    • Funky patterns on the finder and desktop - greyed out interlaced icons / thumbnails
    • Video from 5Dmkii (h.264) would play with filickering pink horizontal bars
    • Kernal Panics
    • Compressor taking a very very long time ot render video files
    • Black screen with rainbow wheel after wakeup


    I had my system recalled for the "seagate 1T HD issue" and replaced. Still the same issues.


    I had my system bench tested by apple and Beyond the box (aurthorised repairer) and the hardware checked out fine.


    I could replicate the issue always, videos would always flicker green / pink.


    Apple icon on the top left bar would grey out once clicked.


    Finder windows become greyed out momentarily when moved from one display to the other.


    I when through the chain of apple care reps right through to senior staff, no fixes thus far.


    I have had my machine replaced twice. And aftermarket RAM replaced twice.


    I put the stock 8GB apple ram back in my system and that improved my video and graphical issues by 80%


    Then I replaced my Aftermarket OWC RAM with OWC "Samsung Chips", and that is on par with my stock apple RAM - in terms of experienced issues.


    Updated Lion many times including a squeaky clean manual install and that made no difference.


    It seems the only improvements I could gain was to run SL or Lion 10.7.1 with stock RAM and OWC Samsung chip (part: OWC1333SAM3S4GB x 4)


    I still have issues right now, but they are less occouring.


    I do however get the awake issue from sleep mode still.


    Im exhausted!

  • myfruit Level 1 Level 1 (50 points)
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    Aug 30, 2011 2:45 AM (in response to myfruit)

    Well, I re-try and modify the scenario a bit using the following configuration:


    1) new iMac 21.5" i5 (Radeon 6750) running 10.7.1, 4GB RAM,  no more DELL monitor cascaded to iMac via thunderbolt port

    2) replay the same three captured video files (480p)  via Picassa, but no extra Safari was opened


    It supprised me again that no screen freeze nor system hang was found. Everything operated as usual.  It seemed to me that the horse power to drive an extra monitor through Radeon 6750 was not strong enough, particularly when extra Safari windows together with searching function etc. was activated on another monitor while the iMac screen was running flash video. That may cause the video diaplay card loading issue.


    Now, I probably turn to a walk around solution to leave all the resource to flash video playing if necessary.

  • jrey1234 Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
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    Aug 30, 2011 4:41 PM (in response to rubenlx)

    27-inch Mid 2010 16GB ATI 5750(1024MB)  Lion 10.7.1 - No Adobe Flash even installed - same hanging issues.  System just freezes, sometime mouse still moves often not  pages upon pages of

    Aug 29 18:39:40 JRiMac kernel[0]: ** GPU Debug Info End **

    Aug 29 18:39:48 JRiMac kernel[0]: ** Device in slot: SLOT--1 **

    Aug 29 18:39:48 JRiMac kernel[0]: ** GPU Debug Info Start **

    Aug 29 18:39:48 JRiMac kernel[0]: 0x000068a1

    Aug 29 18:39:48 JRiMac kernel[0]: 0x0000008f

    type messages.   The other symptom is just an abbrupt "OFF" - doesn't even log that it crashed, just powers off. Apple support only suggestion - reinstall Lion and re-apply patches to 10.7.1 adn close the ticket.  (which by the way did not work. Ticket will get reopened.)

    It does not appear to be a heat issue  Power supply report highest temp at 43c,   GPU at 41c, everything else mid to low 30c - Ambient is records as 20c(68f)


    Some relief seems to come from never allowing system to sleep.


    also see this often

    sandboxd[2527] ([2526]): Safari Webpage P(2526) deny file-read-data /Applications/

    sandboxd[2527] ([2526]): Safari Webpage P(2526) deny file-read-data /Applications/


    and this

    Finder[246]: --ImageKit Error: error before reading pixels: 506

    Finder[246]: --ImageKit Error: error after reading pixels: 506


    and this

    kernel[0]: IOSurface: buffer allocation size is zero

    --- last message repeated 2 times ---


    I really think it is a video driver issue  (the 3.0 Firmware does not apply to this system)

  • tomfromhavre Calculating status...
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    Aug 30, 2011 8:25 PM (in response to rubenlx)

    My new iMac (circa june) does this too.  It came with snow leopard, I upgraded to lion. The video freezes happened without fail. So i went back to Snow Leopard. AM WAITING FOR THIS TO GET FIXED BECAUSE I LOVED LIONS FUNCTIONALITY!

  • anelley Calculating status...
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    Sep 4, 2011 3:11 PM (in response to rubenlx)

    We bought a new iMac which came loaded with Lion, it does this everytime, even on Apple Trailers.  It did it the first day we set it up.  So it's not an upgrade or a Flash problem.  It's a Lion problem.

  • Fustbariclation Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
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    Sep 8, 2011 11:22 PM (in response to rubenlx)

    I wish I wasn't posting here - I've grown to love OS/X reliability over the past decade or so.


    I've just had my iMac freeze on me. It's not the first time.


    Please Apple - can we have a fix to Lion soon....!!!

  • becks24 Calculating status...
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    Sep 9, 2011 6:10 AM (in response to rubenlx)

    I just have to add my voice here too.. Got the exact same problems as all of you. iMac 27inch i5 1GB Graphics, Lion 10.7.1 and BRAND NEW!! As soon as I start the Quicktime Player or even when iTunes is running in the Background, my computer freezes randomly. Had to restart 6 times the other night... -.-

    I'm running Windows now under BootCamp - No problems at all!

  • DoubleTap Calculating status...
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    Sep 9, 2011 8:19 AM (in response to rubenlx)

    I'm not sure one more person is really going to make a difference, but I have to say that I am having similar issues.  I have an older iMac 24" Fall 2007.  The strange thing to me is I upgraded to Lion day 2, so other than the occational App crash, it has been fine for 1.5 months.


    Then about a week ago, it started crashing randomly.  Everything would lock (except the mouse) and sometimes the processor would jack up to 100%.  I know this because I started just leaving the Activity monitor open in the dock all the time.  I have combed through the logs and tried various things but have yet to find anything definiative.   The crazy thing is in the logs, most times I see nothing.  For example, there was a lockup at 4:30am yesterday when no one was using the computer (although apps like Chrome/Safari may have been left open).  Looking through the logs, there is nothing after 2am when no one was using the computer.


    I have uninstalled various programs over the years that left remnance, and I tried to clean them up as much as possible.  Still no luck.


    Then, this morning at work, my Fall 2010 MacBook Pro 15" had the exact same thing happen.  This computer has been rock solid for me for the last 11 months and I keep it pretty clean.  The only commonality I can find is:


    11:00:35 AM kernel: IOSurface: buffer allocation


    I have found various other posts on this error message that seem to point to issues.  The weird thing for me is the problems started more than a month after upgrading.  Could it be 10.7.1?  Could it be some other common app like Flash that was upgraded recently and is just now conflicting.  Either way, for the last week I thought it was my home computer and I now thing it is 10.7.

  • designkjell Calculating status...
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    Sep 9, 2011 8:25 AM (in response to becks24)

    This fixed my problems for now: see user: Kyahx solution "IO802Family.kext" Seems the problem is not flash. Untill I tried this solution I had about a Kernel Panic every time I used the Internet/Itunes/Appstore/Quicktime. After the Kyahx fix: no Kernel Panics (at least for the last 6 hours, which by the way is the longest time my system has been stable after Lion). You will loose the airdrop function, but for me that is a small price to pay to get my Imac back to where it was before I installed Lion.

  • Cantellolo Calculating status...
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    Sep 22, 2011 11:06 PM (in response to rubenlx)

    Now with a brand-new iMac (I know, should have known better...) and still the same problems. Freezing in games (Torchlight, Avadon) and the mouse is still moving. Sometimes even complete crashes to a blank screen with nothing moving. Mostly when gaming, sometimes even when browsing sites with flash or refgular videos.


    Man, am I pi**ed! :-/


    (running iMac 2011, 27", Radeon 6970M, 12GB RAM, OSX 10.7.1)


    P.S.: It says at the top that the discussion has branched to However, when traing to go there, the site says "unauthorized" and the access is denied. Why is that happening, any ideas?

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