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    okkayyyyy.... thanks Diva D for d solution i can view my photos now....


    tanushka... look... follow d steps given by diva up to step no 6. than for step no 7 -----



    Step 7)   cd Thumbs..  ( leave a space aftr cd and type thumbs, insert 2 decimal points aftr thumbs and press enter) when u press enter u will see C:Thumbs>



    Step 8) ithmbconv t1000.ithmb    (leave a space after ithmbconv and then type the file no it will be either t or f i.e t1000.ithmb and press enter)


    you will see list of files getting converted into ppm formats in the same folder. there are many websites available which can convert ppm files into jpeg format... google it...



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    CitlaLara Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you so very much you are a genius!! you just saved my life

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    athwart-bug Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Downloaded your software and before it finshed the "Trojan" flags lit up like a christmas tree.  Bad form!!

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    Spudgun3000 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    The software I created is compressed using UPX which is sometimes incorrectly detected as a Trojan by some anti virus program's ( mostly AVG and Mcafee ) I created the GUI using AutoIt which uses UPX as its compression during compiling. I also had this problem with other utilities that I have created for the schools I've worked in when they had Mcafee installed but Sophos scans and pccillin detect zero viruses in my software. I created this GUI just to help out the guys using ithmb converter at that time. I used 4shared as it is free, I do not like viruses and being an IT network manager I have seen and removed many different types. If you are detecting a Trojan it is more than likely a false positive but websites can be hacked and viruses can be attached to downloads. Try a different antivirus software when downloading the file to compare results. AVG sometimes creates false positives when scanning files that are still downloading but will scan the same completed file as OK. Hope this is helpful and I hope you can use this file as intended.

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    If I can find my original program in my archives and find some free time I might update the GUI to add some extra command lines from the ithmb converter program and i'll compile it without the UPX compression to stop any false positives appearing.

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    McAfee blocks and deletes the download before I can look at it with Malwarebytes or something else.  I will wait till you announce a recompile.  Thanks

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    Okay, so after spending almost a comlete day on this and in the hope that someone else may want to manage their photo library in their own way and not the very limited manner in which Apple Softrware does, plus so that whoever comes accross this post doesn't end up spending nearly 1/10th of the time, I am providing my own reply.


    First, the iThmbConv utility has since changed locations and can now be found by going to this link:




    Howver, the GUI created by Spudgun3000 is still located at the www.4shared.com site, unfortunately, i could not get the IThmbConv command line to even reccognize one of my files in my chache, probably becuase after reading why this utility was even created in the first place seems a little backwards in the logicical sense as well as UI sense.  Mainly, at the time there were only a few devices that ran the iOS, but after time and the advent of the iPhone/iPad coming out just about yearly with a new model, I'm sure that Anywho would rethink the way he would have built his program, even if at all (anyway, I can surely appreciate his determinedness as well as his desire to try and solve the issue of how a user can retrieve his backed-up photos withou the use of his device).


    However, if you need to get photos off your iPod and back onto your Mac or PC you have probably realized ny now that the iPod stores photos in ithmb files. These files contain all the photo data for your iPod to display but can not be read by regular photo programs.


    The following program reads your device and converts them to regular photos before iTunes does it's mixmash sorting of putting everything everywhere on your PC so that it's ilmost impossible for a regular end user like you or me to locate what has been saved where....*

    http://www.fileguru.com/apps/iPod_Access_Photo_for_Windows   or go to their direct site  http://www.findleydesigns.com/


    So while this program and the following may cost money (if you want a full functioning program, in which I gave up on trying to do this for free about 3 hours ago) it will at least show you what photos you have and where they are in reference to the iPad photo database Cache




    This second program seems to be pretty well put together with ease in understanding the GUI and the functionality, so for only $19.95 it seems like it is the best bargain (unless you want to wait for Anywho to configure his command line utiltiy.....jejejeje





    *while I'm sure anyone with a little orphan annie key ring decoder could easily decipher 

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    Thank You!!!  this is so easy 

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    Thank you Smjanj, I followed your directions and I was able to retrieve and view all my photos from iPhone 4S to my PC.

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    Smart Image and Vision Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    On Windows, you can try ImageZipper on http://sivforge.com/imageconverter.html .

    ImageZipper converts multiple .ithmb images between other image formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF etc. in a batch conversion with image editing enabled, e.g. resize, flip, rotate and watermark etc.

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