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It tells me I need to create a card in the address book. I did that but how do I select my own card on the address book and get the email alerts going?

Is there a way to get text alerts instead? That's one thing I loved about Google Calendar. I'm not a big fan of the message pop-ups because I find myself accidentally swiping them clear without reading them sometimes (thinking it's a text message). At least with a text message, I have that constant reminder there. If that's not possible, email is the next best alternative but I can't get it to work.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    You need to make the address record be seen as yours in Address Book. The link below is for a previous version of Address Book, but it works the same in Lion.




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    See if selecting your card and then Address Book>Card>"Make This My Card" helps.


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    I have a similar issue with a slight twist.


    I have 'My Card' setup properly, however, I do have 5 email addresses that I use and these are listed on 'My Card'.  When I select the option to add an email alert on a calendar event, the app is picking up two addresses from the set of 5 and makes me pick one.


    I would like to select one of the other addresses to be the default for sending out the alerts.  Is there a way to do that.  If it is helpful, the app is picking up 2 of the 'Work' email addresses.  I don't know if the home vs work designation would make a difference.


    Note: I am looking for a solution to pick one a specific address from the contact card to send out the alert email.  I am NOT looking to have a discussion as to why I have 5 addresses.