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iBook, Mac OS X (10.3.x), G4
  • 1. Re: i had ibook G4 new HDD replaced , dvd drive is faulty, want to install the mac os, please help me
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    Purchase a Firewire external DVD drive from http://www.macsales.com/


    The iBook G4 800 Mhz supports up to 10.4.11 (10.4.1 is older than 10.4.10).


    The iBook G4 1 Ghz and higher support up to 10.5.8. 10.4.11 may be obtained using a 10.4.6 retail installer disk, and in some cases even a 10.4.0 retail installer disc if the original installer discs are lost.  Unfortunately if the original installer discs are lost, you will not be able to install Classic unless you can get Apple to track down the correct original installer discs for you.  All 10.4 retail installer discs look like *.    Appleworks also is on the original installer discs, and so are the iLife applications, as mentioned in this user tip:




    It would help to know the 3rd, 4th and 5th alphanumeric character of your serial number from the battery bay of the computer.  This would tell us how old the machine is and tell you what to expect on the prebundled discs. You can get the retail 10.5 installer disc, but you won't get compatibility with Boot Camp, and Classic compatibility is lost with it, unless you install a separate 10.4.11 or earlier partition with the original installer discs, or a Firewire hard drive with that. The retail installer 10.5 looks like *.  Neither retail edition says Upgrade, Dropin, or OEM.