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Apple LION is a disaster! How do I reinstall Snow Leopard?

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  • HalloweenHJB Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Agreed.  The thousands of complaints about unpredictable, irregular, unexpected problems with the operating system cannot be due entirely to all the individual users out there.  The system --at least as I understand the purpose of a system-- does not run correctly and should never have been released with so many uncorrected problems.  Basic, simple things like how folders open (list view, icon view, etc.) and system preferences (e.g., hot corner for screen saver, etc.) do not work in a predictible, reliable manner.  THAT is not user error, that is a poorly tested, badly conceived system.  I am seriously disappointed with Apple for their unleashing this thing on us without having made sure it works correctly.

  • capaho Level 4 Level 4 (3,650 points)

    bobwild wrote:


    I agree that the Lion works well and that is an assumption I have made based on what I have read. All I can do is evaluate the information made available and make an assumption. However I do not agree that you can follow that and say it is always the user's fault. There are way too many variables involved to blame everything on the user or Lion.


    There are a few people here who are always quick to pounce on others for reporting problems or voicing complaints, usually always the same few people. 


    Not everyone has problems, but Lion clearly has performance and stability issues that need to be addressed by Apple, which should not be surprising for a recently released major OS upgrade.  It is foolish to suggest (or expect) that such a complicated piece of software is without flaws this early after its release.

  • capaho Level 4 Level 4 (3,650 points)

    HalloweenHJB wrote:


    THAT is not user error, that is a poorly tested, badly conceived system.  I am seriously disappointed with Apple for their unleashing this thing on us without having made sure it works correctly.


    That is my impression as well, it appears to me that Lion was not sufficiently beta tested before it was released, particularly if you look at the problems it causes on newer Mac minis.  It looks as though it was pushed into release before it was ready for prime time.

  • BayArea MacFan Level 2 Level 2 (195 points)

    I would also have to chime in on the inaccurate "blame the user" accusation that is filled in this thread.


    I've have been having a torrent of problems with Lion, so much so that I'm actually telling co-workers to hold off on updating.  The computer locks up, becomes unresponsive, applications are constantly giving me the SBOD, and there is little I can do to fix it.  And before you suggest that I do a clean install--this occured AFTER I did a full clean install onto a brand new Apple branded HD. Just today the entire system locked up and required me to do a hard restart where it never seemed to recover.  I then did a manual shut down, let the computer sit for about 20 minutes and watched as it took over 40 minutes for the reboot to finish!


    I have become completely flumoxed as to what is causing the problem.  I reinstalled the OS twice, I've run Cocktail a number of times, and nothing, I mean nothing, has been able to give me a day's work of productivity that I was used to on Snow Leopard.


    I won't say this is a "beta release" but there are certainly problems with it and I'm hoping that there will eventually be a much more stable release.  Until then, I cannot recommend anyone updating their system with it.

  • tzargregory Calculating status...

    My experience mirrors BayArea MacFan's - Two clean installs on a new HD, tried everything I could - Genius Bar, Express Lane, these support Boards. The only good thing I can say is that this 'consumer-user' has learned an awful lot. My biggest take-away is a lesson I've had to re-learn: Wait to install newly released software. Had this same disappointing experience with the release of Aperture 3 last year.

  • Mac-Architect Calculating status...

    I agree...My company suffers hard from being stupid and installing LION on our mac's AND LION SERVER..

    Sorry APPLE but you have released a "Beast" that cost our company BIG MONEY..

    We had to buy PC computors to all our employers - and a new was faster and cheaper than get the mac to communicate with the rest of the world.....

    THANK YOU APPLE  !!!!!!!


    Who shall we post our invoice to ????

  • bobwild Level 4 Level 4 (1,510 points)

    Yes your company was stupid to upgrade to a brand new system. Did they test everything before upgrading production machines and servers. WOW. It's unbeleivable a company could be so stupid, and it does not say much for their business. There is no one to blame except for the idiots that made that decision. They should be billed, sued or fired.

  • HalloweenHJB Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    bobwild wrote:


    Yes your company was stupid to upgrade to a brand new system. Did they test everything before upgrading production machines and servers. WOW. It's unbeleivable a company could be so stupid, and it does not say much for their business. There is no one to blame except for the idiots that made that decision. They should be billed, sued or fired.

    Nice compassion.  Let me say that when you BUY a PRODUCT from a COMPANY, you expect it to work correctly (reliably, efficiently, etc.).  Anything less is unacceptable.  I would not accept a defective product from any other type of company, but some inexplicable reason, there are some people here who think that computer companies are somehow exempt from responsibility for defective products.  Defective products --even if they are operating systems for computers-- are STILL DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS.

  • Soulblighter Calculating status...

    Frankly, i think there is some truth to what bobwild mentioned. Although it sounded a little too harsh.


    In the environment that i work in, all software be it from Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle and so on, had to be tested first for compaitabity, reliability and security before actually rolling it all out to the production environment. By doing so, at least we more or less get pre-empt on any problem that may arise and if it is serious enough, we will not apply it in the production environment. Even installing a Windows Service Pack need to be tested first before rolling it out to all of our clients.

  • HalloweenHJB Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I understand that some adjustments and tests are necessary before implementing a major operating system change on a large scale. 


    But I still see this entire question as laying the burden and responsibility for product integrity on the CUSTOMER, rather than on the MANUFACTURER.  In the current please-business-at-all-costs climate, it appears that the distinction between the role of the customer and the role of manufacturer has been blurred.  Can someone explain to me why the customer is now responsible for testing products for potential defects --instead of the manufacturer? 


    When we, as customers, pay for a product we should expect that it work.  Certainly, the complexity of a computer operating system complicates matters, but the number of problems (defects) and the severity of the problems (defects) with Lion seem to go far beyond what is resonably acceptable.  And I simply do not understand why many of the consumers on this discussion thread prefer to put the responsibility on the customer, instead of on the manufacturer.  Curious...

  • 999andy Calculating status...

    I am at this moment reinstalling Snowleopard on my macbook pro.

    I thought it was an issue with my motherboard/ram as I tried everything to get Lion to work properly but my computer was still crashing.


    Turns out there are many people with the same issues and not just with macbook pros.


    I am also a designer and have been using macs for ten years and have to say this is the worst OS mac have ever realsed in my opinion.


    It seems they have have been trying so hard to satisfy the masses that they have forgotten about the power users.


    I tried getting used to the new features but it is just a nightmare.

    Mission control is not designed for dual screen and is no where near as intutive as spaces.


    My only thoughts as to why apple would be doing this is they are going to soon release touchscreen (macbook pro with ipad touchscreen) computers and Lion is built for them. (still no excuse)


    I am going to wait till a third party brings out spaces and also give apple some time to fix up all the issues.

  • BayArea MacFan Level 2 Level 2 (195 points)

    I've also given up using Lion and I'm now in the process of going back to Snow Leopard.  I never, ever had so may problems with an OS before. (And I've installed and used Beta OSs before!)  I tried all sorts of fixes: multiple installs, different hard drives, pulling out RAM and nothing seemed to fix it.  It was so bad yesterday that when I was chatting with a friend about my problems, the computer froze and I wasn't able to type my response for 3.5 minutes!  It just hangs there for no apparent reason and won't come back to life until a long period of time.


    If I can't get any work done, then this release is useless to me. Let's see what happens after an update, but I'm not holding my breath.

  • nathan143 Calculating status...

    Unfortunately OS X Lion is not yet finished. Apple are still in the devlopment and testing stages with it, although oddly they have decided to do the testing on end users instead of beta groups this time round.


    I, along with many other unsuspecting people in the new App store, became unwitting test bunnies of Apple new OS after being dupped by the fantastic £20 price tag. After using it, I wouldnt pay more that 99p for it.


    Lost many, many hours of productivity due to insatbility, freezes, beach-balls, grey screens, crashes. The list goes on.


    Google anything about OS X Lion and you will see reams and reams of complaints from similarly unwitting and now dissallusioned Apple test bunny's.


    I remember feelig the same hopeless loss of productivity after installing windows vista. I glady put that PC and the whole microsoft thing in the bin for good and moved to Apple.Two years of productivity bliss followed under Snow Leopard and I cannot remember a single issue. Installed Lion and its Vista all over again. Now ready to bin the Mac, but for what? Anyone come across a stable OS? Hows Windows 7 shaping up, I hear good things?


    PS whichever muppet re-inveted the new save thing in Lion is a crackpot. Remeber: "If it aint broke, dont fix it". How on earth do I turn this nonsense off?

  • CT Level 6 Level 6 (14,975 points)

    Sorry - this is the Lion help forum.


    I'll send a request to the moderators asking to redirect your post to the more appropriate "I messed up my computer and now I'm ranting and raving and nobody even gives a d**n" forum.

  • nathan143 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Very sad CT. Large collection of Apple Mugs and T-Shirts at stake?


    I paid big bucks for my Apple setup. It doesnt work. Neither does their customer service. Ranting and raving on the internet is one way to get big companies who ****-up to listen to their customers.


    Grow up.


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