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I'm having the weirdest problem ever.  As of this morning, I cannot send e-mail form Mail.app from one of my e-mail accounts on my brand new 13" Macbook Pro.


I bought it yesterday, was sending and receiving but at some point around 11am-ish, I started having problems and now it just doesn't send.  Now here comes the weird part...


1. I can send from other e-mail accounts

2. I can send from Outlook (but not Mail.app, Sparrow nor Postbox)

3. I can send when I connect to my 3G USB stick

4. I can send from my other 13" Macbook Pro (2009) using Mail.app which is on OS X Lion


The problem is my work e-mail, on this new Macbook Pro, on my install of Mail.app as of 11am this morning, it had been working over the last 12 hours before this happened.


I've seen 100s of threads with no solution, any help is greatly appreciated, I do NOT want to use Outlook.

Mail.app, Mac OS X (10.7.1), This is NOT an ISP problem.