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One of the things I liked to do in FCP 7 was edit my 1080p footage in a 720p sequence. I could keep the scale of my clips at about 75% and I had the option to zoom in on an area/recrop a clip (up to a scale of 100%) without blowing it up (zooming in on pixels). It seems FCP X will automatically create optimized media based on the project settings so I'm finding my 1080p footage transcoded to 720p and the inspector says that the scale is 100%. When I scale up I'm wondering if the clip is resampled or just blown up. I don't like seeing a scale of 125% on 1080p footage being output at 720p. Anyone else concerned about this or know more about it?

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    That's not what happens. Look in the inspector. Your 1080 media is 1080. The media is whatever you shot. It defaults to fit the project when you put it in the timeline.

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    Thanks Tom, youre right. Then the scale bar is referring to amount of 'canvas' being taken up by a clip, because a 1080 clip in a 720 project will say 100%. This is counter-intuitive because it is a control for a video clip yet it refers to a project's attribute. Therefore, to figure out how to get say, 2 SD clips next to each other in a HD project without over zooming them I'd have to extrapolate what 480 equals in terms of my project's resolution being 100%. It's simple math but I shouldn't have to do this, a clip's scale SHOULD be 100% when no scaling is applied to it, no matter the project resolution.

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    What the scale means depends on the setting under "Spatial Conform". Normally, it defaults to "Fit", which means that when you drag into the project, it will be scaled so as to, er... Fit the entire clip inside the frame. Other options are "Fill" and "None" ("Fill" meaning fill the frame - in this case, "Fit" and "Fill" have exactly the same effect, because 1080p and 720p have the same aspect ratio).


    What you need is to set "Spatial Conform" in the Inspector to "None". Then the scale will be relative to the actual size of the clip, as you want, and all will be well.


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    Thank you Luis, this is exactly the info I was looking for.