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I have noticed the weather widget would move in position (in dashboard) after the computer restarts. I found people having similar issue but with much older OS X (2005-2009). I am surprised Apple is still having this bug after so many years.


Does anyone have the same problem or solution?



MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    Yup, this is still happening in Lion. The problem lies with the widget itself, which has not been updated probably since Leopard. I remember in that time, someone had luck with restoring a Tiger version of the widget to Leopard/Snow Leopard. There are some places on the web where people have attempted to "fix" it, I can't really recall any, but they basically do some code hacking =P.

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    I use two weather widgets. They kept moving down so this is what i did to fix it.


    1. Open terminal app

    2. type cd /Library/Widgets/Weather.wdgt and then hit enter

    3. type sudo vi Weather.js and hit enter

    4. type :set nu and enter. This will show the line numbers.

    5. type 484G and no enter. This will move the cursor to line 484 which is


                   var y = (window.screenY + lastTopOffset) - (isReloadedWidget ? 0 : topOffset);


    6. hit i to start typing as currently it wont be typing and change the above line to


                   var y = (window.screenY + lastTopOffset) - (isReloadedWidget ? topOffset : topOffset);


         that is change 0 to topOffset.

    7. type :wq and enter.