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Just get this out of the way to start: I much preferred the old forums.


Specifically in this thread I want to point to the difficulty this new design presents in finding the correct forum. I haven't used these forums in ages so forget which forum discussion of Mac Mail software is conducted in.


I'm told to type in two letters, fine "Ma": nothing. "Mail":Nothing "Safari": 2 hits Great at least they thought of one app people might be using.


Point ( i)*  Increase your terms of reference to include Apple's own products (duh).


Then I want to find the discussions on these forums to mention this point "Discussioins": Nothing. "Forum": Developer Forums.


Point (ii) Include the titles and some synonyms of all forum catagoreies in the searchable items, (duh. not everyone is down with the new Apple Support Communittes new world order yet)


Apple (and the 3rd party who makes this product I can't remember the name) in its great wisdom decided it was time to revive the old Netscape browser frame-in-a-frame user experience of least choice. The list window on a scrollable page that requires us to pan the page to view the bottom of the list.


That's it for today :-)


* why does (_i) minus the underscore produce the icon? what other icons are available?



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