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I have Lion Server mini that is my OD master and 4 managed MacBooks as clients (all Lion)


ONE client is acting up, no network users can log in graphically. The password prompt does that little wiggle trick as if they have entered the wrong password. Console shows "failed to authenticate Error 9." (???)


I have a local account with admin privs that can log in normally. Everything seems to work for the local account.


The thing that has me head-scratching is that my network users CAN login via ssh.


Please help! I have no idea where to look, and need ideas for further diagnostic steps.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    Within hours of posting this, the problem spread to every mac on my network, no one could log in anywhere.

    I rebooted the mini and the problem went away.


    I'm not finding problems in the server log, but it's possible I'm looking in the wrong places. I just can't comprehend why I could authenticate SSH but not graphical login.


    The server was at not quite two weeks of uptime which is disappointing. "just reboot it" seems like a Windows solution.