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It's over 500 gb, so I keep it on an external hard drive. I have a backup on a second hard drive which I used to update with Retrospect. It's not compatible with Lion, so here's my question: How can I do an incremental backup, so I don't have to copy the whole thing every time I back up? Is there an application that works with Lion (SilverKeeper doesn't)? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks.

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    Why not using TimeMachine? It is doing everything in the background.


    Or you might want to try to paid version of SuperDuper, that also allows for incremental backups (called SmartUpdate) for your whole disk.

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    And it's free. As the other poster has mentioned I would also seriously consider TimeMachine as it too is free.





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    Thank you so much! Sorry it took me a while to try things out, but thank you so much for your time and effort and super quick replies! I have SuperDuper paid version, but it only seems to clone the disk, rather than letting me do an incremental backup of just the folder which is on another disk. CarbonCopyCloner did exactly the job I wanted, so I'm very happy, and thankyou for including the link - I had everything I needed in a new york minute. I haven't looked into time machine - i only run it occasionally, my iTunes folder is the only thing I really need to keep on my computer.

    I would like to say thanks again to both of you, I really appreciate that you take the time to help out a total stranger and semi-literate computer user!


    All the best,