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I hear lots of people say "Its not needed to shut down a Mac" Or "I just sleep my Mac in the night and wake it in the morning, I rarely shut it off"


Does it matter if you shut it off? Does it effect anything?

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    This website has some info about your question.

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    Depends upon the persons usage habits.


    Laptops that are going to be moved should be shutdown most all times as one could forget the machine in a car or in a office and the battery will drain out.


    Laptops that are sitting on a desk and not moved, connected to power could be simply lid closed for sleep although that places wear and tear on the computer, necessary if there are pets or kids in the house though. Perhaps just menu sleep if there are no pets or animals. Closing the lid does protect the keyboard from spills and falling debris though.


    Desktops that are going to run a backup process or need to be on for some other reason the screen save should kick in for a time then followed by monitor sleep.


    Sleep places less wear and tear on the machine, however hard drive sleep and shutdown does place a lot of wear and tear, it's better for them to be always running if possible.


    I do find sleep is sort of not 100% reliable, that in some instances the computer will act groggy, so then I reboot it.

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    My main question was, If you shut down your Mac whenever you need to, does it effect your computer?

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    No it does not effect anything at all. The reason why some people choose to put their Mac into sleep mode is because that everything is already loaded, don't need to go through the boot process and have faster access to checking e-mail and doing other business when you need to.


    Shutting down the computer pretty much shuts everything and when you turn it back on, it has to go through the booting process and to load the OS X again.

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    Why does Apple recommend sleeping iMacs ?

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    For the last seventeen years, I've transported six successive Apple notebook computers everywhere I've gone, always sleeping rather than shut down. I've never found sleep to be unreliable at all, and the five computers I've retired in that time were all working just fine when I did so, as is my current MBP. Many of the other highly-rated participants here treat their MBPs the same way.


    If it takes, say, three minutes each work day to start your computer up in the morning, open all the programs and documents you'll be using, and then shut everything down at night, that's an hour to an hour and a half of usable time you throw away every month just waiting around or doing repetitive, unproductive chores, instead of being up and running exactly where you left off the previous day in three to five seconds.

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    Thanks for your post; eww.


    Just answer one question and i'll be settled and good to go. Does shutting down your Mac computer effect anything? Other then starting it up every morning, etc.

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    Yes, it saves you the one or two watts of power your MBP draws from its AC adapter while it's sleeping. So for every 500-1000 hours your machine is shut down instead of sleeping, you'll save about 25 cents on your electric bill.


    There is no difference in hard disk wear, because the drive is completely inactive in both states, and there is little difference in thermal stress on solder joints (heating and cooling, with the accompanying expansion and contraction of internal electronic components). Sleep maintains power to the RAM and thus keeps it a little bit warm, so in terms of heat stress, sleep may be very slightly kinder to the RAM modules themselves and perhaps the logic board than shutting down, especially if the computer resides in a cold room. But this is really a negligible difference, given the myriad other variables in your use and handling of the machine that could affect its performance and/or longevity much more dramatically.

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    I was talking about my iMac.


    My conclusion from this is Sleep lets you on your computer within 5 seconds and shutdown takes longer.


    You can do whatever you prefer.

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    I was talking about my iMac.


    But you were asking in a MacBook Pro forum instead of an iMac forum, so you got a MacBook Pro answer.

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