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Hi folks,


I feel like beating my head against a wall!


I never could get compressor 3 to work right (even have support logs with Apple!).


So I figured on trying compressor 4 with the FCX trial.


I'm following this video:




I turned off QMaster from the system prefs and used the QMaster menu from within comp. 4.


Main machine is a mac pro running SL and fcx 10.1 ; other machine is a mbp 2.66 running lion.


I'm asked permission for the changes in Qmaster so one would think it would be be ready to go.


Timeline consists of 1080i footage and ouputting to DVD. I created a new setting as the default DVD setting lacks enough quality in my opinion.


What happens - it just hangs.  Says it's ' waiting '.  I checked share monitor and nothings happening.  I checked Activity Monitor and nothing is happening either - cores are silent and no network traffice (thought there might be some if the mbp needs some of the files).


It's driving me nuts.