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I recently bought iPhone 4 and it didn't start as it was not unlocked. I had to use Turbo SIM to unlock and Jailbreak it and finally it worked.But the moment i switched it off it wont turn back on after the apple logo. I tried all the options available over internet like Holding Power and HOme button etc. Please help !!

iPhone 4
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    I Think You Have To Update Your Iphone !

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    Apple is very anti jailbreak so asking jailbreak stuff IN official forum May be ill advices

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    Can someone send me other forums ? i myself is Anti all this but its just that i had to go this way....anyway please ping me the links where i can talk... thanks

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    Discussion of jailbroken phones is against the Terms of Use of this forum that YOU agreed to by signing up to post here.


    You will have to go elsewhere for help, we cannot point you in any direction.  Why don't you ask the idiots who helped you jailbreak your phone?

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    You jailbroke it, you're on your own. If you can't figure out how to do a simple search on the Internet, you probably shouldn't be using something as sophisticated as a smartphone. No one here is going to help you. It's forbidden by the Terms of Service.

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    What gdgmacguy is being a less than polite about saying is that, you need to back to where you got the jailbreak from and ask for help there. It is not illegal, but against the terms of service from Apple, so you wont be able to take it to a genius bar for help either.


    Googling a bit on this topic will likely give you many a link that cannot be posted here. Good luck.

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    "iPhone4 won't start beyond apple logo after jailbreak"


    That's a shame, and we wish you the best.

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    Guys first of all let me correct the post... it is not a jailbreak it is a factory reset. All this while i thought otherwise. Since i brought it from US and use it in India it asked me to find a micro chip and when i went to the vendor he asked me to do a factory reset and i thought it was a jailbreak. Sorry about that. I am now using the applications and paying for it through apple itunes so i am **** sure i am doing legitimate.I also checked that my baseband is not messed up with and that puts me within the legal boundaries. All said, thanks all for your inputs and now i am using apple like any other user. Would appreciate if you could let me know some useful utilities.

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    You may not be jailbroken but you are still not legit if you used a sim interposed to unlock. A method which is illegal in many countries, not because of apple but due to the laws of the land.

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    BTW when you first use something you dont know nothing about it. Its only once you start using something you know about it. I am sure you would not know lot of stuffs that i know. So lets be polite and reply to the post as no one here is stupid. I know enough of using google and i figured the way out its just that i thought of taking expert comments first Good luck mate with your apple device and would surely post some more discussions when i need it.

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    Classy response. Really.


    Hopefully everything works out for Devang.