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How do I share contacts now? Before with mobileme, I sync my addressbook between my iphone and my gf's. Now with mobileme dead, we each need to have our own Apple ID for iCloud. How do I see her contacts? I know calendar has a sharing in iCloud feature but what about addressbook?

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  • Julian Wright Level 7 (34,860 points)

    AddressBook also has a sharing function via MobileMe. Whether that continues to work with iCloud remains to be seen.




    Guess we'll find out when iCloud launches next week.

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    But iOS has already beem GM'd so surely someone must know.

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    aapl.crox wrote:


    But iOS has already beem GM'd so surely someone must know.

    Anyone using the beta software is bound by a Non-disclousure Agreement and cannot disclose any details of how the software works.

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    AddressBook sharing via MobileMe is not a feature of iOS - it is a feature of the Mac OS X Address Book and MobileMe.


    iOS has nothing to do with it.

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    so now that the iOS5 and iCloud are out can someone answer the original question?

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    Yes, that would be great to know – I at least haven’t found a way to do this. I can share calendars without problems, and syncing contacts between my devices also works without problems, but I cannot share contacts with other people…

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    I read that to share contacts you would have to create a group icoud account and add it to your devices and only have it sync contacts.


    Basically everyone you want to share with would have two icloud accounts on their devices, a personal one and a "group" account and only have the items you want to share syncing for the group account and turn all other syncing off.


    Pretty cumbersome. Hope they add contact sharing in the future, especially by group would be nice since I know my husband wouldn't want to see all my work contacts.

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    Have been playing around a bit and found some things that may be relevant:


    Each device can have only one main iCloud account (photostream is exclusively related to this account)

    You can add other iCloud accounts (for contacts and reminders a.o., in system preferences)


    Having added my girlfriends iCloud account on my iPad, Contacts split into:

    - All contacts

    - My iCloud contacts

    - Her iCloud contacts


    of course we share some friends;) these occur double in the total list. Now if one of us deletes the contact, and the other shares the contact (e.g. by iMessage) we have a truly shared contact:

    - one occurance in All contacts

    - any changes one of us makes to the contact are synched in both clouds


    new problems for me (any suggestions appreciated)

    - do I really need to share all our contacts one by one to get this working, or can we create a group and share all contacts at the same time?

    - can I have (a group of) contacts on a device which stays out of the cloud? we have a bunch of addresses we just keep for archive on the laptop and don't want to have in our iphone/ipad lists. Or is there an option of hiding a group?


    thanks, Ruben

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    Ruben is right. This is such a logical thing for couples and families to want to do: to share a common address book. Given so many other things are so easy in iCloud I am gobsmacked this isn't possible.

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    I wrote a blog post at dsbenson.com that shows how to set up iCloud accounts for family use. It's a bit complicated but once you understand it, it's pretty flexible.