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I just moved from my totally stable G5  running Logic Pro8 on Tiger to my new Mac Pro 8 core. I am having nothing but problems with

low memory issues. Everything is up to date and it doesn't seem to matter if I'm in 32 or 64 bit, running reason in Rewire or not. I am having

trouble narrowing down the problem. It seems to be random. I have seen a lot of posts about this but no real solutions. I'm thinking I got

a bad computer. it's 2 months old. This computer has 6 gig of RAM. I have talked with lots of friends running the same systems with

no problems. What is the latest? I have been on the phone with Apple and Sweetwater and it's all vague. A couple examples and as you can see I don't have

that much going yet. WAY less than I could run on my G5. I have also been unable to get a second monitor to work with the mini display to DVI connector

but it did work with mini display to VGA on the same monitor which is weird, and it seemed slow.


(Mac Pro 8 Core Snow Leopard 10.6.8 - Logic Pro9 9.1.5 - Reason5 (tried 6 for 64 bit as well) - APOGEE Ensemble - Omnisphere, Stylus, KONTACT4,

East West Play, Superior Drums, UAD 2 and others)


Plug-ins Disabled.png

Logic Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    You may have bad ram. Have you tried to swap it? Just as a general idea, you can remove the ram modules, use some compressed air to clean around it and replace them in a different order. Do you have access to the Apple Service Diagnostic cd/dvd? If it's 2 months old it's under warrenty so maybe take it to an Apple store and let them check it out. Your new computer is pretty powerful and shouldn't have these issues.

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    Thank you. I'm going to take it down this week. It's just not right.

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    I did run the Hardware test from the DVD and it said there were no problems.

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    The Hardware Test is not the best at finding problems with RAM. A much better one is Rember.




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    OK. Here is a perfect example of what I am dealing with. I have a song open with a movie because I am scoring today (I never had trouble on my G5 importing and workin with movies and dialogue tracks). I have Reason open

    with one of the Reason5 Bass sounds, which takes alot of memory but again never an issue on my G5. I have TWO audio tracks with no plug-ins. Superior Drums, one kit. 1 ESX with a simple cymbal swell sound. I try and load a pad in Omnisphere and I get the below message. If I turn the bass into audio and quit Reason5 it will let

    me load the omnisphere sound, so I'm wondering how much of this is a Reason/ Rewire issue. Again never had

    trouble with this on G5, Tiger, Reason4 and Logic8. I am running at 32 bit because Reason5 is not 64 bit. Reason6 is 64 bit and even though I don't like the new interface I will pruchase it and run at 64 bit if it will

    work. Again I keep hearing different things about 64 bit and 32 bit. I'm trying both and I don't see any

    consistent change, still weird and random memory issues.


    Sample Mem. Not Available.png

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    Both Logic 9 and Leopard/Snow Leopard take considerable more memory than their predecessors.

    Running in 32-bit gives you a little over 3.5GB to work with so that's a problem as well. By the time you load the

    In fact, Logic was designed 9 to give the memory warning users wouldn't keep loading samples/efx and crash the system, possibly corrupting the project.


    The Reason bass sound and rewire together are probably using a lot of memory as well.


    You will have to go 64-bit and 8GB RAM to have any comfort level.

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    I am on Logic 9.1.5 which is what Sweetwater installed on my computer when I bought it. Should I try to

    go back to 9.1.4 since I'm on Snow Leopard and not Lion? Anyone else on Snow Leopard and 9.1.5?


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    You have reached the RAM Limitations of a 32bit (Logic 9) setup. Reverting to an earlier version of Logic 9 is unlikely to help.


    Things you could do:

    1 Superior drums... reduce the amount of samples loaded here. If you have all the mics/bleed etc on you will be using loads of RAM.


    2 Reduce the amount of samples loaded by Omnisphere


    3 Use the Bounce in Place functins to print some to audio


    4 Check Activity Monitor to see how much RAm you have left (Reason will be using up some too)


    5 Get more RAM


    6 Consider running in 64 bit mode




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    Doubtful any version of Logic 9 will help your situation.


    In the example you gave, the combination of Logic 9's increased memory footprint, Snow Leopard's higher overhead + Reason/Rewire and you're probably nearing the memory limit of the 32-bit version.


    Logic 9 immediately grabs 600MB more memory than Logic 8, it's supposed to free it up if/when needed but so far I've not seen much proof of that.


    You will need Reason/Rewire to go 64-bit.



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    This is all really helpfull and I am a little behind because I got so much mileage out of my G5, which is still

    working solid, but I was to a place where I couldn't get the updated sounds and software I needed. I just have

    alot of colleagues who are running the same with 32 bit and the same amount of RAM and no problems. Also

    know people running in 64 bit with more RAM and no problems, but not everyone is running REASON so

    I just assumed I'd be flying with the new system. I think what throws me, is when I check my Activity

    Monitor I still have up to 3 gig available when I'm having these problems. If it said none availble, or

    very little that would make sense to me, but I still have so much availble when I'm getting the messages.

    I don't want to have to bounce and freeze tracks, that's why I upgraded.


    All of these responses are very helpfull. Thank you.


    Anyone having problems with hooking up a second monitor using a mini display to DVI connector. Mine

    won't work, but a mini display to VGA works (my monitor has both, Scepter) but the VGA just

    doesn't have the same resolution.


    Thank you again.

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    dbeiden wrote:


    I just assumed I'd be flying with the new system. I think what throws me, is when I check my Activity Monitor I still have up to 3 gig available when I'm having these problems. If it said none availble, or very little that would make sense to me, but I still have so much availble when I'm getting the messages.



    The problem is that running 32-bit Logic (or any single application) only has access to approximately 3.6GB of RAM. Less if the operating system is running in 32-bit.


    What Activity monitor is showing you is how much the system sees free.



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    I am running a new(ish) 8 core with 16 gig ram. Although it won't outrageously outperform my old 2.66 dual core intel, I would have to say that it's gutsy and stable. re. your 9.1.5 question, I am running 9.1.5 on OS 10.6.4 and it's stable. Mostly. You don't want 9.1.4. There was an intermittent graphics issue where dragging a region would crash the computer. Once it appeared in your song, it came up every minute or two, and wasted hours of time. Fixed in 9.1.5, even for those of us still on 10.6


    Also, no problems running 2 dvi monitors, one from the dvi and one from the mini port with an adapter.

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    I notice that the memory issues are specific to your Spectrasonics plugins - verify that you have the latest versions installed: Omnisphere 1.5.6d, Stylus RMX 1.9.6e, Trilian 1.4.1d.


    For the monitor issue, try resetting parameter RAM: restart while holding down the command-option-P-R keys until you hear the startup chime twice, then release the keys.