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after 2 wks, still havent got my lion server in operation. at present using hmailserver on win xp as inhouse mailserver. hmail downloads/sends mail from/to our isp. i've read numerous postings here plus apple advancedserveradmin=>mailserviceconfiguration and i still cant figure out how to set up mailserver the way hmail is. i cant find any control panel where i can configure mailserver. the only thing i can find is the on/off btn in the services window. the hmail control panel is sooo easy to use. have i got it completely wrong? is mail server not similar to hmailserver in operation. if so then what do i click to open up a control panel. if not then what do i do next? I'd really appreciate any help at all on this cos i'm really stuck and totally frustrated with this intuitive(?) apple interface. many thanks, bill

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    "I cant find any control panel where i can configure mailserver"


    Download the 10.7 Server Administration Tools and install them on the Server or a client. Launch Server Admin. Enable the Mail Service - if it's not already enabled. Configure whatever settings seems appropriate to you.


    "have i got it completely wrong?"


    In the sense that it's a mail server, probably not?


    "Is mail server not similar to hmailserver in operation?"


    I'm not that familiar with hmailserver but from what I've seen, probably not? Where I think some of your confusion lies is you're probably trying to approach OSX Mail Server in the same way you would hmailserver. I think that would be a mistake. OS X Server's Mail Service uses postfix, dovecot, clamav and amavis as it's MTAs. These are opensource and have nothing to do with Microsoft. I would read up on these first before moving forward. I would also read what little administration manuals Apple have made available so far:







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    hi tony, thanks for trying to help. the serveradmin tools came pre-installed. i've discovered in the meantime (the magic word is fetchmail) from https://discussions.apple.com/message/16055618#16055618 that i'm not the only convert (about to unconvert!) who finds this friendly system not so friendly. hmailserver is so easy to set up but now i'm faced with having to work with something like msdos from 20yrs ago. is this progress or what? and if you search the forums for fetchmail youll see i'm not the only one appalled at this scenario. and just to make matters worse, while fetchmail is to be found somewhere in the bowels of my mac, getmail is not and from googling, getmail seems (but I dont know) to be better than fetchmail. so now i have to ask myself if i should waste another week trying to learn unix and fetchmail and finish up with something nobody else can ever hope to troubleshoot or should i take the cowards way out and install xp with hmailserver and be up and running in less than a day? cheers, Bill

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    Hi Bill


    AFAIK in 10.7 Lion - assuming you purchased it from the App Store and upgraded an existing 10.6 Client OS and thereafter purchased Lion Server - the Server Admin tools do not come pre-installed. Neither do they come pre-installed if you purchased hardware that came with 10.7 Client or Server pre-installed.


    In my experience fetchmail has always been available via the command line since at least 10.4 and probably earlier. However it's not really a 'mail server' in the sense I understand a mail server to be. You should also be aware that postfix is also built into every mac OS, client or server as is mail. All of these could be used to deliver what I think it is you may want? None of these have a recognisable interface, in which case can you be bothered? I think you should stick with what you know, because from your point of view you have experience of a mail delivery system that is easy to setup and maintain.





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    Hi Tony. I bought the minimac over the net from apple with mac server installed. Coming from xp windows of which i have very many complaints and was really looking forward so much to working with what i thought was a much more friendly and advanced operating system, I'm completely devastated to find I should have to go from a nice gui interface back into the dark ages of typing in cryptic codes in a terminal window and hope it works. Thats a sick joke. It reminds me of the days when I had to program with postcards. Its years since I've had to do something like that in windows. And what is even worse is reading comments in these forums from experienced apple users saying lion is 20 steps backwards. The more I read, the worse it gets. Many thanks for your help but I've decided apple is user friendly as long as you just want to play music or videos but for a small business, forget it, stick with an easy to use system like ms windows (and believe me, I had to cough REALLY hard to ge that out of my throat!)

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    Picking up your mail from the ISP is fairly archaic.

    Why don't you have your mail MXd direct to your server?

    No need for fetchmail if you do this and you can stay in the GUI for most everything.


    Also- You might like Kerio server..

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    plus point for the isp is that they never(?) go down whereas our net connection fails now and again - digger cuts the fibre or some such.

    "stay in gui for most of the time" - that says it all. my current server has 2 icons screen centre, mysqladmin and hmailserver both of which are gui. if someone blows my head off today, anyone with a bit of savvy can administer the server with those 2 icons. both are free and have friendly, intuitive gui interface. You dont need to learn msdos or c or anything else. you dont need a book or have to trawl through forums to figure out how to use them. i haven't had to use terminal in xp for years. With apple, terminal is the norm rather than the exception. Apple can't call their system friendly until the day when they can announce that Terminal, vi etc are now listed under Trash. Until then, its no more than a fancy car with lots of gadgets but which still needs the cranking handles and jump leads from 30yrs ago to get started in the winter. A + for ms is that you very,very rarely have to use them. Put icloud and ever-fancier interfaces on hold until the need for these antiquated tools has been done away with.