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I found an option missing on Lion when copying files.


Here is an example to explain:


I am going to copy 200 items from my laptop to my 3TB USB drive at home.


Lets say that 20 of the 200 items already exist on my USB drive.


Usually I just grab all 200 items and copy it to the USB drive and "Snow Leopard" would say: "Item XXX already existing." What do you wish to do?


Options on Snow Leopard were: Replace, Dont Replace or Cancel.


I would select the "ALL" box and then select "Dont Replace".


This would only copy over the files that didnt already exist on the USB drive. (Only the new files.)


NOW on Lion it says: Keep both files, Replace or Stop.


I NEED the "Dont Replace" option!!!!!!


I dont have time to figure out which ones are duplicates nor do I wish to write duplicate copies.


Am I missing something or is this a forgotten feature on Lion?

Mac OS X (10.7)
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    I know, I've just moved to mac from Windows, and am maybe one-third way through transfering my files. I cannot imagine why they would do this.


    It is a fundamental flaw, but it seems most experienced Apple users don't see any problem with it. Even if there is software that can do this, moving more than one file about should be possible without it.

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    Lots of us saw a problem with it, but it may have only recently (in 10.7.2) been fixed:


    Hold the Option key when the warning of duplicate files appear.  That will turn "Keep Both" into "Skip," letting you copy only the unique filenames.


    If you hold the option key a bit too long when option-dragging files from one folder to another, "Skip" will be the default, and pressing option again will switch it to "Keep Both."