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I filmed my holiday using iMovie and found that while browsing through the segments in iMovie it crashed when going to far for- or backword. The total length of the iMovie project is about 33 minutes. After putting in comments I put music to it.

Now the iMovie software crashes when opening the app. I tried to restart the iPad2 with 64gig to get the memory empty at start, but that does not help me.

Probably the memory is too small to open the project in iMovie.

Is there a way around to get my vacation back??


Please help me, I do not want to loose all those nice memories and get my iMovie app working again,


Kind regards, a desperate Fred Storms

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.3
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    First I would recommend quitting all your apps from app switcher and restarting your device.

    Next, try launching iMovie.

    Does iMovie Launch, and does the project load successfully?

    Or does iMovie Launch but loading the project crashes?


    In any case, since you have a long project pinch the timeline to Zoom-out, that should reduce the number of thumbnails which are being displayed and hopefully lower your memory usage.


    Additionally a new version of iOS is out and the same goes for iMovie for iOS.

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    Thank your for the suggestions.

    The project was too long and I got in after adding a movie to iMovie by iTunes, after removing the last music I could open it but not save it.

    After upgrading to IOS5 the problem was solved and I could edit and save the movie.


    Thanks for the help,


    Fred Storms