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I am sorry if this has been asked before but my head is spinning at reading everything about iCloud and I haven't really found 1 discussion with my particular situation.


This is what we have:

iPhone - wife

iPad - wife

itouch x 3 - husband and kids


We have 4 family members and 3 different Apple ID's (husband and wife -1 ID, Kids each have their own)  All items are purchased on 1 mac but under different Apple ID's (the kids get their own iTunes cards for spending, that's why we kept seperate accounts). We all have access to each other's songs and app purchases (as we know each other's passwords) and have been freely able to add to each others devices.


So my question is: How do we all utilize ONE iCloud (say using my Apple ID as the main account ID) and then have the other 2 Apple ID's tied to the ONE iCloud account?  That way the kids can still purchase using their own $, same here for me, but then we all share the Songs/Apps as we did before.


I hope I'm making sense......essentially I think I'm trying to ask..... how do we continue to share apps and songs with iCloud while maintaining different Apple ID's...LOL



Powerbook G4 & iMac 20, Mac OS X (10.6.8)