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Something extremely weird happened today! Bought my Macbook Pro 13'' last June and I had no issues so far. Battery life was up to 5-7, 8 hours, I could use it during all classes. Today I was surprised when the short battery warning popped up after 1:30 hour and it was fully charged!


The only thing I can think is it has something to do with the latest Lion update 10.7.2 (released yesterday, Oct. 12th). Is that possible? Anyone facing the same problem?


Battery information: it sums up 77 cycles until now. It says "condition: normal", "maximum charge capacity: 5120 mAh", "remaining charge: 3127 mAh". Computer was fully charged about 40 minutes ago, now it shows 51 minutes remaining.


Also interesting to mention that, while looking for this information, was also impressed with my remaining hd space. It's a 320GB one, my data altogether was up to 180GB a couple of days ago (therefore around 140GB remaining), and I'm impressed it shows only 40GB free now (as if I were using around 275GB!) No I I downloaded that thing such a short time!


Can anyone help? I would appreciate that!


P.s.: I think should mention I started doing backups with a Time Capsule since last week. But I really don't think it is its fault since the backup is kept wirelessly in another 2TB disk.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)