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I have a few dozen of notes on my iPhone but they are syncing with iCloud. Only new notes sync. Is this normal or am I missing something?

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    Notes uses multiple accounts, including a 'local' account for notes composed on the iOS device.  It seems there is no way to move these notes from the local account to iCloud, although I'd like to be wrong about this.


    As you say, new notes sync just fine (once iCloud is set as default account).


    Anyone found a way to move old notes into the iCloud account?

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    Hi guys,


    I found a solution for this issue.

    What i did was:

    1. sync iphone notes to my mac via iTunes (click devices, info tab, other, sync notes, sync)

    2. find your notes in Mail (notes tab)

    3. Select all your notes and drag them into your iCloud notes folder


    Hopefully you'll benefit from this as much as I did.



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    @riconederveen Thanks - this worked for me - great tip for moving from a mobileme account to iCloud as well!

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    That worked great! Thanks for the tip!

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    I synced my notes from my iPhone to my computer, but only a few of them showed up in Mail. Where do I find the iCloud folder?


    The mail account I use on my computer is an ATT account. Do I have to set up an iCloud account in Mail on my computer? I set up an iCloud account at me.com, but I can't drag the notes to that account from Mail.


    Sorry I'm so lost. Thanks.

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    As was pointed out you can drag and drop in the Mail app if you are running Lion and have turned iCloud on but if you only have an older version of OSX the only way I can see to get those old notes into the iCloud account is to copy and paste each into a new note while you are in the iCloud account.


    The easiest way to do that is first set the default account on your IOS device to be iCloud (do that under Settings:Notes App:Default Account:iCloud) then each time you create a new Note it will be in the correct account. 


    Unfortuantely if you have a large number of existing notes this could be very time consuming.  Apple should provide a means of moving notes between accounts on IOS but diesn't seem to at this point.

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    Thanks! I don't have Lion yet, so I had to do the copy and paste method. Worked fine.

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    Hi there,

    this one works only with iTunes before version10.8 is there a way to do it with version 10.8 ?