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Like many users, my wife and I each have our own iPhones, we share an iPad, and we share an iTunes account for purchases.  It appears that the default settings for iCloud presume one user with multiple devices, not multiple users with multiple devices.


We migrated our phones to iOS 5 and enabled iCloud (I have not upgraded the iPad yet), using the same iCloud account for both phones.  Sounds great, but a few issues which I'm sure have easy solutions, I just don't know what they are:


1- Our Contacts lists merged.  I have hers, she has mine, duplicates galore oh my!

2- Our conversations are synched!  She is in my phone as "Wifey", I am in her phone as "Hubby".  Whenever she sends me a message, it shows up as "from Hubby", when I send her a message it shows up under "to Wifey".  Our conversations are no longer kept together in one "conversation view".


Ideally, I want it to work like this:

1- I want my phone's stuff to go to the cloud

2- I want her phone's stuff to go to the cloud

3- The only "stuff" of ours that should mingle are iTunes purchases and photos


Is the correct resolution to this as simple as creating a separate iCloud ID for her phone?  If so, how do I re-do this step on her phone?  Looking at my phone, I do not see a way to "log out" of iCloud so as to gain access to a "login or create new user" function.


Once this is done, I presume this means no photo sharing.

If there is a way to "fix" our conversations and keep everything else, I can manage to edit our merged Contacts list.  But honestly, I don't want her text messages showing up on my phone... I really don't care about conversations she has with our Dog Groomer or her sister.



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    We are in the same situation...except add two kids with iPhones.  I think the easiest would be to create a seperate iTune account for each person. 

    If you go into settings, iCloud and scroll to the bottom, you can delete the account and then log in to your new one.


    Still haven't figured out how to share purchases and photos this way.

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    My wife and I have the same situation.

    However we did not sync our contacts and email with the cloud.

    Before the whole icloud thingy I had it syncing with our individual gmail accounts.

    if I turned on iCloud sync for contaccts and mail,it would then stop syning with Google.

    our email and contact remain separate essentially because theydont sync with iCloud but with our gmail accounts in the google cloud.

    Also while setting it up I did get the prompt to merge or not and I do remember opting for it to not merge.

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    In the same boat. I have updated my phone and our shared iPad but have not updated the wife's phone yet as I wasn't sure if it would wipe one of our contacts or create lots of duplicates, thanks for answering that one. As you said ideally I want content from both phones to go to iCloud but I'd also like that content available on the shared iPad. There are certain things I don't mind sharing between the two phones such as calendar which may be really useful as we will both have access any appointments we have made instantly but I don't want the confusion of sharing  messages especially on the iPad? Am at a loss but will keep checking back on your thread for an answer, good luck.

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    Regarding the conversation SNAFU...

    I found that by turning off iMessage (Settings - Messages), our conversatsions returned back to their normal state.  We never use the iPad for messaging, so this won't be an issue for us.


    Regarding the contacts...

    I turned off Synching Contacts and am currently editing the merged contacts list (removing duplicates and applying standard naming conventions - like adding last names, changing "Parents" to indicate mine or hers, etc.).  Once I have the contacts corrected, I plan on disabling Contacts Synch on my wife's phone, deleting all entries from her phone, then turning synch back on so that she gets the merged list.

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    Sounds like a plan. Think I will update her phone to ios 5, sign her in to iCloud but turn it off. That should allow me to go into settings and turn on the functions I want  one at a time and leave the ones I don't off. Thanks for your help.

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    From what I've been reading... ideally you'll each have different iCloud accounts (and can share the iTunes account).


    This means you won't have a shared Calendar or photo stream, but you will be able to use iMessage and not deal with duplicate contacts entries.

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    I'm in the same boat.  I have my iPhone setup for iCloud and am planning on updating my wifes iPhone tonight.  We don't want to share anything.  If I understand correctly I need to have her set up a separate iCloud account and then enter it during initial setup?  If I recall it asks for your apple id, not iCloud id.  I love apple but they really make it seem like no family uses the same apple id!!

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    I thought about this bfore upgrading my fathers and my iPhones. As we use the same account for iTunes. For iCloud I converted my mobile me over, for my dad I created a new Apple ID for him. I have both phones upgraded now, with two separate iCloud accounts, this will take care of the sharing conflict. However, to continue to share the iTunes you have to go into settings-store and check the Apple ID and change it if needed. He has his own iCloud, I have my own but we still share the same iTunes account. Everything is working great so far set up this way. However if you don't want to share music, apps or books you will have to turn auto. downloads in the store setting.  I hope this helped.


    PS: you can use an existing email ro create a new id, you do not after create a new me.com adress if you do not want to.


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    Update on the "Contacts Merge SNAFU".


    What was already done:

    1- I turned off Synching Contacts

    2- I edited my Contacts list to remove duplicates, use standard naming conventions, add last names where they were missing, move company names to "Business Name", etc.)


    The update:

    3- I turned on Synching and my phone re-acquired about 12 duplicates, but all of my other edits remained intact.

    4- I removed the duplicates from my phone with no other updates.

    5- I checked my wife's phone's Contact List about 30 minutes later and her Contacts list now matched mine.


    I expected that I would have to remove the duplicates from my wife's phone, but I did not.

    So... note of caution if you are sharing your Contacts with someone else... make sure neither of you delete one of the other person's contacts without asking them first!

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    Boy am I glad to see others struggling with this (Misery loves company and all that.). I really hope there is a simple way for a family to share the content they have purchased but manage independent information (I.e. contacts, bookmarks, iMessaging, Reminders, etc.)


    Unfortunately, it sounds like the solutions many people are mentioning requires people to turn off iCloud synching which defeats the whole benefit of protecting your stuff with the cloud.

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    Use separate Apple IDs and each phone can backup to the iCloud. Use the same iTunes account for shared purchases.


    The only thing you wont have is a shared photostream or calendar.

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    I'm in a similar situation and intended to have daughter's iPod 4 (originally sharing my Apple ID and iTunes acct but I set up her own Apple ID and iTunes acct and backed up/synced her iPod to her new accounts before upgrading her iPod to iOS 5) have her own Cloud. Somehow thru setup (even though I entered her new Apple ID) she is sharing my iCloud account -- ugh!


    By reading above, I should delete my iCloud account from her iPod but will deleting from her iPod also delete MY iCloud account?  I want all our stuff to be totally separated but will this somehow affect her prevoius purchases through my Apple/iTunes account?


    Thanks in advance for all your knowledge!

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    Unfortunately, my mother started deleting contacts without asking me first...which proceeded to delete them all from my phone. Do you know of a way to get them back? Or am I just SOL?

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    If I understand this correctly, your father is still able to sinc his iphone with your itunes account even though his phone was set up under his own itunes account?


    Reason I ask... I am in the same boat with my husband.  We have always sinc'd with my computer and itunes account to share music and apps.  We have no problem sharing a calendar or contacts but would like separate icloud accounts.

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