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Hello all!


I am kind of computer challanged.... I have upgraded my iPhone 4 to the new iOS 5 software. Since I have upgraded, when I connect to Itunes (as i have opted to keep files on computer) since my phone will not connect to my home wifi, I get the following messages"


     1.  iTunes cannot sync apps to the iphone "___iPhone" because the apps installed on the iPhone could not be determined.  (How do I fix this??)

     2. After I click OK, I get the next message:  "the iPhone "___iPhone" cannot be synced.  the required disk cannot be found. (How do I fix this??)


I have opted to keep phone synced to computer b/c phone will not connect to Wifi at home though the network is operating fine with other wireless devices.


     Q:  What setting must my router be on to get my iphone to connect to my home wifi?  I am using the following settings:


          1. Automatic Configuration DCHP (on my modem)

          2. Wireless:  G only

          3. Channel 6.  (i also used channel 1 and 10 without resolve)

          4. WTAP2 Personal and TKIP&AES


As for the Wifi... I have been dealing with this for some time now and I am about to move on....... throw the phone in the river!  I just dont know how to fix this issue.  If I could get wifi to connect at home, i could use iCloud.


As for iCloud: email keeps saying the password is incorrect.  I have checked the setting, the password is correct and verified, but email keeps kicking back as incorrect password. 


Please..... any tech savy people with step instructions............ please help!!! I save lives for a living, thus limiting my computer knowledge!!! haha.... I dont know computers that well, but just enough to get around and change settings.......


Thanks in advance!!!



iPhone 4, iOS 5