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Since updating to IOS 5 (both on iPhone 4 and iPad 2), I can no longer copy content from some web pages. This almost always happens when displaying .htm pages. IOS will allow ou to select the content and will go through the motions of copying it, but when you go to paste the information anywhere none of the data copied is pasted.

iPad 2, iOS 5
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    Same problem here on both my iPad2 and iPhone4 after upgrade to iOS5

    Best from Esbjerg

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    I have the same problem with iphone 4. I've just upgraded to ios5. I was able to use copy paste function before but not now. I used it mostly in messageing but now I can't. I also have ipad 2 but I haven't upgraded that yet. Is this a recognized bug that will be fixed, ???

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    It seems to that when copying tekst on paticular websites, the ipad tries to copy the table instead of copying the text in the table - hopefully there will be af solution soon, as I depend a lot on this feature.

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    Somewhat similar issue with my ipad2 after upgrade to ios5.I cannot copy/paste the URL address in landscape position with home button on the right. If I rotate the ipad to portrait positions (either side) and landscape with home buttion on the left, it works fine. And when it is working, like I can copy, then after awhile the safari browser website will crashed. The keyboard will comes up and down, up and down..... the search engine will slide in and out, in and out........... the bookmark wll slide in and out.... and immpossible to control the page ..... it will not response when i tap on any part and just have to switch off to stop. Anybody knows what is happening? got a bug? Any fix? Please help...........