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I have been a PC user for years and just a week back bought a new iMac. Installed Aperture 3.2 on it and imported all the photos. Good so far.... However.


All my photos are on a hard drive and I chose to use current drive while importing the photos. When I add new photos to a speific folder, I don't see those photos appearing automatically in the aperture photo library or project corresponding to that folder.


Comparing this with Photoshop elements on a PC, it has a default option of automatically synchronizing the catalog whenever there are changes on the drive / folder that holds the photos.


Is there any such option in Aperture? So far I have not found one and it has been really painful to manage the library (I have over 20K photos).

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    I've used similar programs as well that "watch" a folder. I don't think Aperture does this. It tracks referenced files upon import. If I add files to the destination folder outside of Aperture I don't think it will index that folder and show those photos.


    I've used both iView Media Pro (now discontinued) and Portfolio Server and they operate on indexed folders as one method of tracking as well as during the import process. What I'm trying to find is the file size of a project for both referenced projects and those stored inside of Aperture. I am burning my Projects to DVD for archival for now and would like to know when I'm reaching that DVD capacity.