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I'm running OS 10.7.2, and even though I'm able to sign in and use iCloud on my iPhone 4 and iPad, I can't log into it on my Mac Mini.  I type in my username and password, then get a dropdown message stating, "You can't sign in at this time".  Beneath the log in boxes there is another message in red stating, "Unrecognized Apple ID or password."


I've verified my caps lock is not on, and my username/password combination is working on iTunes and my other devices.


Does anyone know why this is occurring and if there is a fix?  What am I missing?


I'd appreciate any assistance.



Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.8), ITunes 10
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    Carolyn Samit Level 10 Level 10 (89,740 points)

    On your Mac with Safari open, go to the Safari menu bar click Safari / Empty Cache.


    Restart your Mac.


    Launch Safari. Try logging into your iCloud account.


    If you still have problems, go to Safari / Preferences then select the Privacy tab.


    Click Details.


    Type  apple   in the search field top right corner of the window.


    Click Remove All > Done.


    Quit then relaunch Safari. Try again.


    If you still have problems logging in to iCloud quit Safari.


    Launch Keychain Access located in /Applications/Utilities


    Select Passwords on the left.


    Type    appleid.apple.com   then delete that keychain. You can do that by right or control clicking the keychain then select Delete.


    Relaunch Safari. Go to iCloud.com. Login with your user name and password. You should be prompted to save that data to a new keychain. Click Yes when prompted.

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    Thanks for the reply, but I'm not trying to log in online, I'm trying to log in through iCloud in system preferences. Any suggestions?

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    Wish I could help. I'm having this exact issue as well. Can log in to iCloud on iPhone 4s and Ipad, but not the iMac. Getting the same messages. Have tried to login about 100 times. Doesn't seem to be any solution by Googling the problem. Hopefully someone has an idea what to do.

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    You could have more than one id if you used MobleMe. The user name/password may be different from the iTunes user info.

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    having same problem.  did you ever figure it out?

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    I just switched to a different user profile and was able to log in. It may have been some permission setting that i couldn't figure out how to fix. Both profiles are administrator. Who knows...

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    Hi all,


    I'm having the same problem as described above and am hoping someone has figured this out. I've got an iMac with several user accounts/profiles configured. Two of those user accounts/profiles are set to work with iCloud but each one has a different iCloud login ID. I can login into iCloud from both accounts/profiles when usiing Safari/Firefox, but from one of them I can not login from the System Preferences --> iCloud. The account/profile from which I can login via the System Preferences was the first of the two to be configured to work with iCloud. From the second account/profile, I've attempted to login with that account's iCloud ID as well as the iCloud ID for the other profile. Neither is successful. I get the same error message as those reporting problems in this post: "You can't sign in at this time" and "Unrecognized Apple ID or password".


    Any ideas?



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    I am having the same problem. My main account (admin) on my mac does not log into icloud. But when I create a new profile, there is no problem. I do not want to create a new profile otherwise I will need to set up all my preferences and move my address book and calendar across to this account whcih makes no sense. I just need to fix my main account. Any help would be appreciated.