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I have just tried to download and install Xcode 4. After launching the installer, with no other apps running, the installer hangs about half way through installation. Two hours later, there was no progress so I turned off the computer by holding down the power button as the computer was unresponsive. When i restarted, instead of logging in and getting back to the desktop, I was presented with the Mac OS X Utilities screen asking me to either restore my machine from a Time Machine backup or re-install Lion! Furthermore, going to Disk Utility (the other option presented) I find that the disk is OK, but completely empty!


Please help, I am deeply worried that by switching off the computer when it had hung I have somehow destroyed the whole operating system and have lost everything. I am using my iPad to write this.


Many thanks!

MacBook 2.16Ghz, Mac OS X (10.5.1), 2GB RAM