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Myself and a friend have the iPhone 3GS with the new iOS 5 installed. When we go to fedex.com, we get the mobile site (of course), but when we enter in the tracking number, the number is automatically formatted with commas every third digit (i.e., 123456789 becomes 123,456,789). Even if you go back and remove the commas, and then hit submit, the commas will still appear after hitting the submit button. He followed a fedex link from an email, and he had a number pad entry, while I went to fedex.com directly, and i had a keyboard entry input, but it was automatically toggled to the keyboard that has numbers at the top. So, our inputs were different, but we had the same problem. We also tried copy-pasting the number into the field (without commas). Still, it would insert commas. We turned off auto-complete in the keyboard settings, still didn't work.  I don't think it's fedex javascript doing it, because I tried submitting with javascript turned off.  I think fedex in their html identified this as a numbers-only field. iOS 5 safari is picking up on this, and thus is why it defaults the entry input to a number pad or keyboard with the numbers page selected automatically.  I think that iOS 5 safari, because it knows it's a numbers-only field, is formatting the number to have commas.  Any ideas?

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5
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