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Hi everyone,


I have installed iCloud and am trying to make the slow but purposeful switch to it from MobileMe. Why, I don't know, but I think I'm supposed to. I'd like to make it a clean break so I can never worry about MobileMe again.


I  have iOS 5 loaded on my iPad 2 and soon to purchase iPhone 4S (tomorrow!).


Everything appears to have worked well, except my calendars, which is one of the most important parts of my working life.


When I visit iCloud.com I notice that my contact book is accurate, for example.


But my MobileMe calendars (of which I have several) have not migrated to iCloud. Within "calendars" on iCal on my laptop, under the greyed myname@me.com I see all my pre-existing calendars, but lower down, under the greyed out iCloud I do not see any pre-existing calendars. Visiting iCloud.com calendars does not show any of my existing MobileMe calendars.


- Why wouldn't this have migrated across like it did with everything else when I signed up for iCloud?

- How do I make the transition work for me, and without losing any data? I can't afford to lose any of this information - I am at my busiest time of year and several key events and details are on my ical presently.

- Do I need to deactivate MobileMe or something crazy like that, without the info having come across to iCloud, or what?


Cheers for all your help.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7), 8GB RAM, 250GB HD, 27" LED Display
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    Craig Windrim Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    Found this on the Support Page:


    • When you move from MobileMe to iCloud, if you are using the new MobileMe Calendar, your data is moved from the MobileMe servers to the iCloud servers and your devices are then configured with the new server information. You can confirm you have the new MobileMe Calendar by signing in to me.com/calendar. If you can see your calendar events, you have upgraded to the new MobileMe Calendar.
    • If you were not using the new MobileMe Calendar prior to moving to iCloud, you should turn off calendar syncing on all iOS devices and choose to keep the calendar data on your device. Not doing so may result in the loss of your calendar data on your iOS device after moving to iCloud. To turn OFF Calendar on your iOS device: Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > MobileMe. Turn off Calendars and choose the option to keep data on your device.


    Surmising from this support comment,


    - I am obviously not using the "new" MobileMe Calendar (how would I know this?) since when I sign in to me.com/calendar (which takes me to iCloud BTW) I cannot see my calendar events.


    Whether or not I turn off syncing, how is this solving the problem? I want to keep, migrate, whatever all my pre-existing events and calendars on to iCloud - is this article telling me that is not possible?

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    FYI to those purplexed like I am on this matter...


    Called Apple Express Lane support and was told that a few calls have come in about this, and the explanation was basically:


    - there are service interruptions and server/data lags due to high volume of iOS 5 downloads and new iPhone activations, etc. which is causing migration/move/transfer of data issues.


    - this should ideally fix itself, requiring no effort or manipulation on my part at some point within the next week. I was told I won't need to push a single button.


    - in the mean time to just let it be and check in periodically to see if the information has migrated itself successfully.


    - I was given a case number just in case I need to call back if nothing has changed.

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    I have the exact same symptoms. Was thinking it was happening due to not using Lion on my MBP, but this sounds like the same cause, probably not the lack of Lion upgrade. But this whole iCloud vs. mobileme is a source of confusion for sure.


    So Craig, could you keep this thread updated if/when status changes. I will do so as well. Hopefully this will work itself out in a short time as you were told by Apple, without further action.


    Thanks Mike