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I have a mini and a MBP. I have the mini connected to the rear thunderbolt port, the MBP connected to the front (integrated tb cable). Based on everything I'd read, what I had hoped would happen is that when the MBP is connected in the front, it takes over the monitor, and when disconnected, the mini connected in the back takes it over. It appears that this is not the case - if I disconnect the MBP, I still need to reboot the mini in order to get it to takein some cases a reboot is required to force the display to attach to one or the other mac.


Are there any workarounds or better ways to share a TB (and all of the peripherals connected to it) between two macs? I'm wondering if there's a keystroke or command to force it to scan its connections again and display the connected mac.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.2)