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Okay, being a guitarist and writer, I am very conscious about computer ergonomics and moving between Cubase and Logic, I really notice a stark difference between mousing maneuvers for each program. My hand grows fatigued far quicker in Logic due to the way it's buttons work "out-of-the-box." Any tips or shortcuts I may be overlooking regarding the following areas??


1. You need to hold down the mouse button for almost a full second to access the insert and send buttons' pop-up menus. This is a big offender in contributing towards hand strain! In addition, when working fast, I find myself "fighting" with the insert buttons to get the pop-up menu (creating even more extra mouse work). Am I the only one that finds this multi-function button behavior a real PITH? (pain-in-the-hand)


2. You need to double-click every time you wish to open a plug-in window. Why? (Again, requiring twice as much mouse-work as Cubase when mixing.)


3. Is there a way to enable scroll-wheel or trackball support for editing controls in the mixer? (ie: click on pan, fader, send dial, etc. and then adjust parameter value with the "wheel") I seem to recall this was possible in some of Logic's plug-ins (was it compressor?)... Anyway, this support would offer the occasional rest from clicking and dragging the mouse for every single mixer function.


Off the top of my head, these are the Big Three which really drive me nuts. Any chance I've overlooked some work-flow shortcut which would cut down on the extra mouse work brought on by Logic's "unique" mixer button functionalities?


Thanks for any help.