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so recently, a day after updating to IOS 5, i was using my camera to take pictures at an event. i was using the camera from the lock screen and snapping with the up button. well as i was taking pics i would look at the pic, as one normally would. after i took the picture, the photo was perfectly clear no problem i was happy with my photos. about an hour later when i went in to view the pics, my camera roll was all glitchy. When i would scroll up or down there was a huge lag. looking through the albums, there were whole rows of blacked out squares where my pics should be. it looked like the pics had gotten corrupt. the biggest problem is when i clicked a picture to view it, it was super blurry. As i mentioned previously, the pictures were clear. normally you select a picture, and you have that second where the app refines the pictures. My phone/app was no longer refining the pictures so they were just blurry. so i restarted the phone hoping that would fix the problem. nope. i restored it to factory settings nothing.


some other symptoms include, not being able to attach a photo, either to messages, email, or facebook. when i click a photo and delete it, if i select another photo it will display the pic i just deleted. sometimes when i select photos the photo app will just crash and take me back to the home screen. my diagnoses is that my pictures have somehow managed to corrupt the photos app, but i am really not an expert. also if i try to back up my photos, from either iphoto or itunes there are no pictures at all to select.


i have called apple, they are giving me a replacement. but, hopefully this helps other people because i did not see anything out there related to my problem. i hope the next ios update can fix this issue, if it is one.

iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    Having the same problem here. And for me it's a big problem! It seems a lot of the pictures I've taken are gone and/or corrupt. Three days ago I have been taking picture from a locked iPhone 4 with iOS5 and after double pressing the home button and choosing the camera from there. At first everything seemd fine. But after some time (I discovered after let's say 2 hours) the picture were not accesible and the library contains multiple duplicates, grey images, and most of them seem extremely low-res.


    Even videos I shot are nog accessible and after touchingf the 'play' button the message 'saving video' appears with a continuously turning 'in progress' wheel.


    Please, I need help with this. I'm not sure to use iTunes to recover the problem of it might even make the issue more severe.


    I presume this has something to do with Photo Sharing being 'ON' and using iCloud. But on the other hand it seems the new camera button contains a bug.


    Hope to hear some advice.



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    I am having the same problem and seems to have all started when I turned on iphoto sharing on my laptop. It was already on, on my new 4s and my ipad. It even went back and "pixelated" some photos I took the same day but before I turned it on. Other things I noticed are that the "HDR" tag on those pics are gone, that when I hit "edit" the pic clears up and sometimes when I hit "edit" a different pic will appear.

    If anyone knows ***!, please share. I have an appointment at the Genius bar tommorrow and will report back what I find




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    Same issue. iPhone 4. iOS 5. iCloud sharing of photos is NOT turned on. I did not do an iPhone-to-iPhoto import/sync prior to iOS 5 upgrade, so I have photos in my camera roll taken before and after the iOS 5 upgrade. Most of the post iOS 5 photos are via the lock screen camera. Recently I took a photo via the lock screen and the camera app crashed to the lock screen. Since then even when I unlock the phone and take a picture the camera app crashes to the home screen.


    Something that is odd. When I look at the camera roll via the Photos app I see photos from several weeks ago up to a yesterday (but not the ones I took today that messed up everything -- although I deleted a few of todays photos since they were all black and I thought deleting them might fix things). When I look at the camera roll via the Camera app I see photos starting from the same place as the Photos app but ending at a week or so ago. That is, the Photos app shows a weeks more photos that the Camera app. Perhaps the Camera apps view of the photo list has gotten corrupted?

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    Same issue here.  Iphone 4S, IOS5, HDR off, Photo sharing to icloud also off.  Started for me after taking several pictures quickly in a sequence.  Went to view the photo's and all were blurry.  Then the more I played around in the library the worse things got.  Pictures started haveing the wrong preview (thumbnail) then some would turn into a white image placeholder, some would go black.  When I would attach a picture to an email the image would become crystal clear.  When I would click on an image to edit, it would go clear and then say SAVING PHOTO before I made any alterations.  I backed up and restored my phone to factory and then reloaded from backup and all seems to be good for me now.

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    Your solution lies in this thread my friends:




    Maybe a moderator could fix this thread to the top until Apple solves the issue?



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    copytobbe is correct.  Did what he suggested and it worked perfectly.  Thank You!!

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    I apologize for not replying earlier after i went to the apple store. but i will explain what the apple rep did.

    first off, i recommend trying several things before you wipe your iphone.


    1.The obvious, reboot your phone by holding the home button. If that does not work then...


    2. Backup your phone, then do a restore from backup. If that doesn't work then...


    3. This is where it gets tricky, my dilemma is that i had taken pictures that i didn't want to lose. Keeping the pictures on my phone was the most important thing to me so i tried a couple different things. In my original post, i mentioned that i could not attach pictures to a message to email them to myself. Otherwise, I would have emailed all 100 pictures to myself, no matter how long it took. There are several Extractor programs out there but they are a bit pricey, in my opinion. The one i used was called "Photo Transfer App". You can find this app on the app store, it costs 2.99, but its an awesome little app. It is worth the money. So if you dont care about anything on your phone, if you dont mind losing all your data, eg. notes, music, or photos, then in the next step you will restore your phone as a new phone. All the above steps were my own way to try to troubleshoot the problem.


    So at the apple store heres what they did...


    First, I showed the girl all the problems i described above. after doing all the steps above, she was like this looks like a real problem. I told her it happened after i updated to ios 5. she said its not the ios, she has seen it on the iphone 3. but i kind of doubt that, because i have not seen anything like this in any forum. but anyways....


    To save my photos she recomended i email them to myself, the Internet at the store was not that quick because

    of all the devices connected so she said i should do it from home.

    but the steps to email (i did not try this method):

    -click photos>click the 'select photos' button (looks like a square with a right facing arrow located at the bottom left corner.)>select any photo you want to email-click share-then select email.


    I had explained that i had already backed up my photos so we continued...she asked me several times are you sure you saved everything. She continued to emphasize that all my data would be lost when we restore as a new phone. i said no problem, i can do without the things i have on my phone. keep in mind when we tried to restore from backup i was having the same problems, so we decided the back up was also corrupt and was no longer useful.


    To restore as a new phone. the lady said this is one of the cool things on ios 5. i'm not sure if you have to be connected to wifi, but i would think you should be connected just to be safe.


    -click settings>general>reset>then click 'erase all content and settings'. this will delete everything. Make sure you select the restore as a new phone.


    this has fixed the problem for me, i have not had anymore problems. The apple rep said that she thinks either something dealing with the photos app or one of my photos has corrupted the hardware.

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    copytobbe wrote:


    Your solution lies in this thread my friends:




    Maybe a moderator could fix this thread to the top until Apple solves the issue?



    man i wish i saw this earlier. great info!