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    Legge Level 2 Level 2 (175 points)

    Not the case here. Happens randomly regardless of how I choose the number. I can even dial a new number via keypad and it happens. I caved in and took my phone to the local service point...no idea, when I'll get it back. Luckily I have my trusty 4.


    BebeWatson wrote:


    MY SOLUTION: I had the same issue the very first day I got my white iPhone 4S.  It happened every third outgoing call or so.  My theory is this: it only happens when I use the menu of "recent calls" to find the phone number I'm looking to call, and if the number I select was from a missed/failed call.  For instance, if my boyfriend called me and I missed that call, it shows up on my "recents" as missed.  If I select that same call as a way to call him back, I don't hear the audio.  However, if I use a successful call off the "recents" menu as a way to call him back, I hear the audio.  Works every time.  My boyfriend chalked it up to a subtle software glitch.


    I'm not sure if you guys are using the same method to make outgoing calls, but that's what's worked for me!

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    jtemps Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This seems to be an iOS5 problem more than a 4s. Having the same problem on and off since upgrading to iOS 5 and iCloud.

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    CanGuy Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Good Day,


    Please see below a summary of my posts on another apple thread that is more suitable to this thread.


    Phone info:


    • iPhone 4S, 64G, locked
    • carrier - Rogers (Canada)




    1. No sound on outgoing calls.


    Placing an outgoing call and immediately after pressing the call button, putting it to my ear, will cause both parties to not hear each other in 90% of cases. Toggling the speaker button on and off will restore the sound both ways. Conversely, holding the phone off the face until ringing will work all the time.


    2. Car Bluetooth outgoing audio failure.


    Using the phone with my cars Bluetooth system (Sentra 2010 LE) will fail in 2 ways:
    - metallic distorted sound (10% of calls, randomly)
    - no outgoing sound (50% of calls, randomly)
    These are associated with a glitching noise when the call is being connected through the Bluetooth, before ringing at the other end.

    3. Earbuds functionality fail.


    Plug in the ear buds jack. Try to place a call (call landline for example to get feedback of what happens at the other end). As soon as you get connected, you will see that the phone switches to speaker mode, the speaker button on the screen turns blue and will not respond to touch if trying to switch back to the earbuds.


    For all 3 faults above:


    • SIRI does not make any difference to the issues above if on or off.
    • Bluetooth does not make any difference to the issues above if on or off.
    • Any type of firmware restore, DFU, iTunes regular restore or phone full reset will NOT make any difference to these faults.

    Things that work all the time:


    Using Siri through the car Bluetooth system or phone will work correctly all the time to place calls.

    Receiving calls in any mode.




    Got a replacement from Apple store (black box, no earbuds, no power adapter). Was able to recreate all the faults at the Genius Bar. Restored phone from the backup of the previous 4S. All the above faults do not show in the replacement phone. Will update if anything else pops up.


    My previous posts at:








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    jonathan1412 Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Same problem here. My wife's iPhone 4S (16GB, US, AT&T) will sporadically loose sound on outgoing calls. I've confirmed it myself. Sometimes you can't hear the other caller but they can hear you, and sometimes there will be no sound output in either direction. Pressing the Speakerphone button has fixed things so far, but you have to remember to do it (even though some calls connect fine) and you have to pray that the other person doesn't hang up on you while you're busy fiddling with the phone.


    This is not good, especially for a phone used with business clients.

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    CanGuy Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    One more thing to mention.


    I have IOS5 installed on my iPhone 3Gs 32G and it works perfectly with none of the issues described in my previous posting.

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    Buffalofish Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm have a very similar issue with a 4S on Verizon.  If I use the phone as a handset, I haven't had any issues with audio on outbound calls (speaker or ear) - but - the minute I plug the apple headset in, I lose audio on all outbound calls.  The headset works fine for music, etc... but once it's plugged in I can only use speaker phone. Disconnecting/reconnecting the headset has no impact - no outbound audio. I have to turn the phone off/back on to get audio on outbound calls (I haven't tried the Siri trick mentioned in one of the posts as an alternative to powering it off/on).


    Would love to get this working!

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    AppleFanFromTexas Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Third phone is still showing all the same problems. I just called 1-800-APPLE to initiate my return. I don't want to wait for the 30 days to expire. I spoke to Maverick who was very nice and initiated return instantly. He did say he had never heard of my issues before, but was apologetic and friendly. I will purchase again once the issues are pinpointed.

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    jonathan1412 Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    On another thread with the same issue, a poster said that they can get outgoing calls to work if they kill the phone app before making the call. Has this been a reliable fix for anyone? Or another red herring?

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    CanGuy Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I can confirm that same like Buffalofish noticed, when the calls through earbuds default to speaker phone, if trying any other app through earbuds, without replugging the earbuds, works perfectly. It seems to be only phone app related.


    And yes, the earbuds jack is plugged all the way in!

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    putdepuckindenet Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Could this all be related to that setting (under Siri) that allows you to hold the phone up to your ear in order to initiate Siri?  Maybe it's overriding the basic phone call functionality.  Has anyone tried turning off that feature to see if that is the cause of the issue?  I don't have the phone yet.  I am seriously considering buying a 4s but haven't taken the plunge yet.  I have been reading these forums with great interest and will wait another month or so until they've ironed out some of the bugs (battery life, etc.).  But, in the Apple store the other day, I did see that setting and it sounds like a plausible solution.


    Let me know if anyone tries it as a solution.



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    bikepodmini Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)

    I posted in this thread a while back, that that was working for me, however, recent attempts have proven that method not working.  It was just chance that it worked the 3-4 times I tried it first.

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    andreac1234 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Reported this issue about a week ago on this thread.  Based on additional tips I have tried the "hold the phone away from head until I hear ringing method" vs. "moving phone directly to ear immediately after placing call method".   I also turned Siri raise to speak off. And for me there is no consistency to always replicate the issue.  Regardless of how I dial and where the phone is placed immediately after dialing the issue continues to be intermittent.  But in all cases the toggling of speaker on and then speaker off solves the issue for me. So far have only used the phone as a handset - do not want to risk setting up bluetooth yet or using earbuds which seem to have other issues.  For now I will deal with and hope it is a software issue because I would rather not exchange a brand new phone for a potential refurbished phone and other than this issue I so far have not had any of the other problems.   My husband also got his phone same model same day and he has yet to experience the issue; however, he does not make outgoing calls as frequently as I do.


    4S 16G Black ATT

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    JJ-Seattle Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I can repro this issue on 100% or nearly 100% of calls, and hitting the speaker phone button twice gives me audio back. iPhone 4s, 64GB, AT&T


    Good thing I didn't buy this to use it as a phone.

  • 388. Re: iPhone 4S - Outgoing call no audio
    CanGuy Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    "Raise to speak" on or off did not make any difference to the faults I described in my post here:




    They would act for both settings.

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    ZupaJulio Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well.... I decided to add my two cents to make sure I do not loose my sanity!   Never had a problem with my iPhone 4 since I got it last year.  Then, last week I got my new iPhone 4S.  The first day everything went went.  However, the following morning, I made a call to work to let them note I was running late but I was not able to her the other side.  I noticed the timer in the calling display running but I was not able to her anything on the other side.  I hung up, tried again, and the same.  By the fourth try, I finally was able to her the other side.  However, I was told by the other side that they were able to her me but I kept hanging on them.  As the days went by, the problem got worst.  Everytime I made a call, I was not able to her the other side OR the other was not able to her me.  I got to the point were 50% of every call I made was not connecting properly.  After an embarrasing call to the court house, I decided to go to AT&T for help.  As always, the AT&T employee tried to do his best by replacing the phone's SIM card.  Thinking the problem was resolved, I left the store.  The following morning, I tried to make a call but the problem was still there.  In fact, a new SIM card made the problem worst and by yesterday morning, about 80% of the calls I made were having the same problem.  I do not use bluetooth so I do not think is a bluetooth issue (I could be wrong).  Upset about having a crapy phone, I went yesterday back to the AT&T store.  The employee, got my phone and tried to replicate the issue.  VOILA!  He was able to replicate it.  He then offered me to exchange the phone BUT since the phone is so new, he was out.  He did made a note in my fiel and gave me a case number.  He then called the Apple store and made an appointment for me tomorrow.  He gave me his card and told me to give the card to the Apple guy in case he can't replicate the problem. 


    I will keep you posted about the outcome but although I feel bad for all of you, I am glad that the problem is real and it is not me loosing my mind.  I am not sure if the problem is cause by software or hardware but my fiance got a phone the same day I got mine (I presume from the same batch) and she is also experiencing the problem but not as often as me.  I've noticed that the more I use the phone, the more it happens and I've also noticed that the problem happens more in the morning that in the afternoon or night.  Bottomline is do not give up and go and get a new phone.  It is a very bad problem to have and I can't tell you how embarassing was for me to have a judge call me to ask me why I kept hanging on the phone on his clerk.  "Judge", I told him - "It was not me.  I am having problems with my new iPhone." "Well", he replied - "get that darned thing fixed!"   

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