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I have a complete Macintosh LC II that saw most of the family through University (and me retraining as a dentist). The hard drive is an IBM HDD 80MB 3.5" WDS-L80 - does anyone know anyone still selling these/ can I use a substitute. Would like to keep the Mac as a feature in my office/study.

Macintosh LC II
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    Try Buy.com. You need a SCSI drive.

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    Wow, i just went to buy.com and their homepage is so messy i couldn't even find the computer stuff.


    So out of curiosity, i checked eBay and 80GB SCSI hard drives are grossly overpriced. $50 is a lot even if it's new, which most are not. You might make an offer on one that's "buy it now or best offer". 


    But here are two possibly better sources:


    1. Check craigslist in your area for old used Macs. I suspect you can put in a SCSI hard drive up to at least 512 MB in size. (or do you want the "stock" hardware config..? )


    2. You could check state surplus in your area for old used Macs, but they're likely recycling anything that old if it comes in. You might talk to their computer person and ask if he'll save any "vintage" Macs for you if any come in.


    I have an LC 475 someplace. Pretty cool little computer.  I might actually have an extra SCSI HD around too that i could part with.

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    Thanks for that - would like to keep the original spec if possible, but it would be great to be able to run the old games/programmes such as MacEarth and Patton's Ardennes Campaign.

    My favourite X-ray in my collection, by way of thanks:

    ct chairleg Mr el-Fahkri.jpg

    The eyeball was compressed and he recovered most of his vision.

    x-ray teacher

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    Suggest you join LEM-Swap for buying & selling Mac stuff. http://groups.google.com/group/lemswap

    After you join, post a WTB (want to buy).


     Cheers, Tom

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    Wow. Is that real? Must have hurt when he woke up.

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    Yes old low capacity SCSI hard drives are now really expensive granted back in the day $50 was cheap for a new one.....


    If it's just going to be sitting the problem with replacing the drive is that another used drive may lock up as well. You could try my old favorite trick of taking out the current drive rest it flat in the palm of your hand and swish the drive horizontally back and forth a few times. That could unstick the heads and allow you to spin up the drive, don't shake it violently like you are mixing a drink though...


    Given what you do, do you have access to a clean room? If yes then you could try opening the drive and very gently spin the platters from the center spindle. Not direction that the heads are situated and just like an old LP player spin in the direction away from the arm. Hope that made a little sense, I can't remember if all drives spin the same direction so just playing it safe. But this is also hinged on you having a clean dust free spot to do it....


    Ouch, looks like that rod or what ever it is came awfully close to his spine as well hope he bought a lottery ticket when he got out.

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    I noticed that you spelled 'programmes' with a British accent.  Could you please indicate what country and/or city you are in?  A Mac user group near you could also help you locate resources.  We have several drives but we are not set up for resale.  We do educational programmes in the US.  Knowing where you are would help us find a user group near you.