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    1AppleADayNoWayWantsAnIPhone Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Perhaps you could just shut down your Mac and call it a day.

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    umairz Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)



    Didn't you know you sign your life on apple id so how can you escape? no way?this is itself an endless loop and u will eb stuck in it like out battery is stuck some kinda of stupid loops and draining the **** out of it!

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    Who is trying to escape anything?  Do you think I really used my personal information setting up this id? HA

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    adw_uk Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)

    I have no problem with the battery on my 4S as I:


    Turn off Wi-Fi as default and turn it on when I need it, this goes for BlueTooth and pretty much all notifications. 


    I also turn off 'push' on my e-mail accounts, set them to manual and also turn off most of location services especially 'Setting Time Zone'.



    *** Big Tip ***


    double-click the 'Home' button which then displays all the 'RUNNING APPS' along the bottom then press one and wait till they all start to wobble then press the red circle at the top left of each icon to close the app (this does not remove the app from the device).




    i do this a couple of times a day.

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    Michael Ginsberg Level 3 Level 3 (875 points)

    Seems as if Apple is releasing iOS 5.0.1 to "some" non-developers, see:


    http://www.tuaw.com/2011/11/08/ios-5-0-1-appears-for-some-non-developers-apple-i ssues-retail-m/

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    darobman Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    where can i get my copy? 

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    Grady White Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have had my black iPhone 4S for 7 days now. I noticed the problem on the second day and began googling articles. I have tried almost every suggestion in terms of turning off various settings and finally discovered yesterday that the biggest culprit in my case was having company exchange email account set to push. Once I turned that off and set to fetch every 15 minutes, I went from a 100% charge at 6:45PM last night to a 94% charge at 10:45PM. So I lost 6% in four hours as opposed to roughly 17 percent lost in 2 hours with email set to push.


    Wifi and bluetooth were both left on in this experiment while most location services except for maps and Siri were turned off. Ping is the only restriction I have turned off. Brightness is at about 85% because I am 49 and can't see as well as I used to. I have also been making a conscious effort to kill apps manually after I use them.


    Hopefully the software fix will enable me to go back to push email because I do receive some customer mail and notifications via email that are very time sensitive. When I am away from the office, I will either need to set to push and rapidly drain my battery, or frequently check it while in the fetch mode.


    Has anyone else noticed a dramatic difference from taking exchange email off of the push setting?

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    Hi Grady


    I have the exactly same issue. PUSH is killing my battery. I have changed to FETCH 15 minutes.





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    1AppleADayNoWayWantsAnIPhone wrote:


    Perhaps you could just shut down your Mac and call it a day.


    I'm here for admirers like you

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    Thanks, I'm glad you have a sense of humor.  And I'm not being sarcastic.

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    Hy2rogen Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    Same issue here. I also had my phone swapped out at an Apple store to rule out any hardware issues. With the new phone and only loading my music and one non-exchange Gmail account I would get about 24-36hrs standby and 4-6hrs usage.


    As soon as I added my Corporate exchange account my battery drain increased to 1.2-1.5% per hour (opposed to .6%).


    When I was at the Apple store, the Genius also noted that a lot of the stock iOS apps were crashing and most likely causing excess battery drain.

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    radio50 Level 1 Level 1 (65 points)

    prkgs982 wrote:


    You are so lucky with the battery. I am so jealous. If my phone could last for a day with the charge at night. I would be so happy.



    Here's hoping Apple's upcoming fix will help everybody.  Below is what I have been experiencing: running 23 hours and still at 74%.  So, I'm thinking it CAN be good for everybody's phone.




    FWIW here are my settings (32GB black 4S)


    Notifications - all on (not only in the Notification Center, but also for badges, lock screen, etc. including stock market and weather)

    Location Services - On are camera, compass, find my friends, maps, siri, find my iphone.  System services - all on except Time Zone and Traffic

    iCloud - on for contacts, calendar, reminders, photostream, find my iphone.  Off for bookmarks, notes, documents and data

    Mail - two accounts:  Exchange Server for mail with push.  A POP account set to fetch-manual and advanced-manual

    Bluetooth off

    iTunes WiFi sync - on

    Siri raise to speak - off

    Settings > General > About > Diagnostics and Usage - Don't Send


    The phone was activated at the AT&T store where I bought it, and then I added apps and music via iTunes.  That is, I did not "Restore" it from a backup, if I remember right. 

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    prkgs982 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I really don't know what was the problem with my iPhone. I think it kept constantly sending apps into a crash loop. I got it activated at the store, then I added just two apps nothing else. However, I recognized immediately it was so warm every time I woke the phone. But I didn't have any email to fetch at that time. I noticed the battery drained out like crazy even with just sending a couple texts. I researched and did everything I could by turning off almost everything. Still no improvement. Then I did reset. Everything was totally off. No background running apps either. And I still saw my phone losing power every hour. Did the second reset. It was much better if it was standby, but the minute I woke the phone, it drained the battery like it was so thirsty. Every day I charged 3 times just for light texting and a little phone call with 2 you tube watching videos. No more try-outs. I returned it. Wait for new replacement. Hope I have a good one this time.

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    Same problem, horrible battery life, feel like i have to keep charging it all day long, at home, in the car, in the office, normal use on the 4s im at 20% left, before with my 4 i would still be about 60% after a normal day at the office from being off the charger at 6am and using it until around 6pm here and there.


    hope 5.0.1 can help


    is there a way to sign up to be a tester? without being a dev?

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    64GB 4S was fine until this past weekend, when it suddenly started draining super quick (10%+ per hour).


    At the suggestion of some commenter under a news story about the battery problems, I:

    - Turned off traffic and time zones

    - Deleted the email accounts

    - Rebooted

    - Re-added my email accounts with the same perameters (i.e. push, etc)


    Problem appears to be fixed, at least for now. I've lost less 1% in the past two hours vs. the 10%+ per hour I was losing before...and I have several notifications, location services and iCloud turned on.