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I've made a presentation which I want to show on ipad. I will not be showing it on my ipad but rather distribute it to colleagues so they can view it on their ipads.


Because I want to share it, i will not be able to go with the solution of installing keynote on each ipad for them to view it.


i emailed the presentation file to my self and it was viewable on my ipad something like pdf document with many missing features and symbols.


looking at the iworks page on apple website it says at the bottom of the page that we can share to iphone and ipads and then goes to mention safari. so i went and exported my presentation into html. features are maintained, but there is a folder and several files... i don't think that will be easy to share over email and got on the ipad.


the question is now, what options do i have other than the ones above if i want to share my presentation over ipads? how can i make the presentation viewable?  properly?


please help!



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    One option is to export to quicktime and then load that video into itunes and sync to your ipad.


    Hope that helps!



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    What if I've tried the .mov route and even though the movie will play on the iPad, I cannot use the click through aspect of the presentation? It just plays through automatically, but when I play it on a Mac or PC, the click option works.

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    I tried saving Keynote raw file to Dropbox. Install dropbox app on your iPad, then open Keynote file from dropbox app. Go to arrow in top right and ask to open with Keynote App ( the one you have to buy). this worked for me and the tranisitons were mostly there and all works well. This was after spending a couple of hours failing with the ppt iTunes, and quicktime exports.

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    Sharing your Keynote with others should be kept simple and useable for your audience.


    I recommend: Share > Email > PDF - this will give all of your iPad audience a useable and viewable PDF document that they can do a "Quick View" directly from Mail or Open In... and be able to open the PDF in a myriad of PDF readers. They will be able to view each slide in order.


    PDF output from Keynote creates an image or digital "print" of your slide - whatever was on your slide is included as an image, so I am not sure what you mean by "missing features and symbols" - Could you explain what you mean?


    PDFs can easily be viewed in iBooks, GoodReader, Notability, Notes Plus, Note Taker HD and even the iPad Kindle app as well as others - some of these apps allow additional annotation. Your audience does not need Keynote loaded on their iPad and they can chose their own preferred reader to view your presentation.


    Movies don't  allow easy pausing or note taking.

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    I have excactly the same problem: I've made a rather nice tour guide to Berlin, hyper linked some pictures so they could be used as buttons for easy viewing on an IPhone BUT all the hyperlinks just wont work when I export is a PDF. Well, it works on my IPad but not on an IPhone. Grrrrr

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    I saved the presentation in Dropbox on Mac Pro, then opened with dropbox on iPad, go to arrow in top right corner it will ask if you want to open with Keynote. I did it this way after many attempts at other ways, it worked well and preserved my much loved transitions, which were a lot of work to create.


    Keep an eye on my YouTube channel, elearningtactics, I will post a screen cap to demo.

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    The original question was how to share a presentation with others with iPads but without adding Keynote to their iPads.


    Without Keynote, any animations or links are nearly impossible to convey and hyperlinks rely on either having all the information contained within the original document, contained on the same hard drive or having access to the Internet and use URLs. The second option, all on one drive is fine for OSX, but using iOS, where there is no file management system for disjunct files is probably impossible - either the files belong to an app or they reside within a file transfer/holding application such as Dropbox. The chances of gaining access to those files by hyperlink is slim to none.


    Keep the presentations simple and self-contained without lots of magic tricks if you wish to share them with others, especially if the apps that they may have will differ from your own. The real message isn't in the fireworks but the content. Focus on that and your audience will be informed with the least hoops to jump through.