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How do you download photos to windows based system

iPhone 4
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    Connect your iPhone to PC by USB cable. Open up Windows Explorer and click on My Computer. Click on the folder with you iPhones name. Then copy and paste the pictures or movies you want.


    You can also right click on the iPhone folder and select properties the even and setup so that each time you connect your iPhone it will automatically down load your pictures.


    You can only copy those from your phones camera roll file. You also don't need iTunes running to do this.

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    Under IOS 5 you can no longer easily download photos to your Mac. iPhoto will no longer recognize your iPhone. No more importing.


    Apple definitgely screwed the pooch (and its users in the process) when it allowed "upgrades" to IOS 5 w/o telling users that stuff would be lost in the cloud if you don't also update your Mac to Lion (which makes legacy software no longer available).


    Happily there is a work-around, albeit a real kluge. Download a copy of "iPhone Backup Extractor". Right-clibk on your device in iTunes and select backup. Run the iPhone Backup Extractor and select the last option on the list to extract -- the IOS files. Extract those files to a new folder. Everything is there.


    NOTE: If there is something you want to preserve that isn't otherwise synced, make sure you do the above procedure each time you create a backup or iTunes antomatically creases one, as iTunes now appears to overwrite each backup, destroying any earlier versions.

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    I can no longer see my iphone as a folder when in My Computer after the iOS 5.0.1 download. WHY? I can't get to my pictures anymore!!

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    I have iOS5.0.1 on my iPhone 4s and the iPhone folder still shows up under My Computer. The pictures show up in that phone folder. Only problem is that if you take photo's with the phone's volume control on top, like a camera shutter button, then thos photo's are upside-down. If you take video this way it comes out correctly. When both photo's and video are viewed on the phone they are not upside-down, only in the iPhone folder. Apple needs to fix this.