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None of my iWork documents on my ipad will sync to icloud.com. The "Use icloud" settings are turned on. The keynote and pages tabs of iwork on icloud.com just say "no presentations/documents". The "Documents and data" setting is turned to 'on" in the icloud settings in my iPad. I am upgraded to 5.0.1. Any ideas? Anyone else having this problem?


Update* Newly created ios iwork documents are showing up on icloud.com. Just none of my existing ones.


P.S. the documents are on my iphone 4S iwork apps as well.

iPad, iOS 5.0.1
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    I noticed the same issue today.


    -- iOS 5.0.1 updated

    -- Mac OSX 10.7.2 updated

    -- iOS devices -- iCloud settings on. Documents and Data settings on.

    -- Mac devices -- iCould settings on.


    All documents, presentations, and spreadsheets are still on my devices, with the up-arrows (which are not actionable). However, when I visit iWork, there are no files present.


    I tried your method, joshuafrombirmingham, by creating a duplicate of the one of my existing files, and (as you said) it appeared just fine. In fact, when it appeared, the parition behind the one file looked to contain all of my other files. So, I went one further and tried to reload one of the existing files that I had on my Mac, only be told that I was trying to load a duplicate file.


    So, it appears that the files are still there, in iCloud, just inaccessible. Here's hoping for a quick resolution.

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    I just posted at




    it may help you



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    Unfortunately, SK, my problem is reversed. All of my original documents exist just fine on my iDevices. However, none of these documents are visible at iCloud.com/iWork. However, based on a test of uploading an existing file, which I know to be on iCloud (from seeing it on my iDevices), I received a message that I was uploading a duplicate of an existing file. Again, all the files seem to be in place, just not viewable at iCloud.com.


    Thanks for posting, though.


    FWIW, I had zero issues with all of the updating and iCloud business (as has been widely reported). iOS 5.0.1 seems to be the common factor. It was not until I updated to the new iOS that I noticed this new issue.

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    Yes, this is my roblem exactly. However, I had the problem BEFORE 5.0.1. In fact, I first thought that my problem was that I hadnt updated.


    I tried SK's solution, but all 'turning off documents and data' did was remove my iwork files from my idevices. When I tried to turn on the "Use icloud' switch in the individual Pages/Keynote preferences, nothing changed. What's more, each time I went back to that setting it had been turned back off.

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    Need to turn on Use iCloud in Settings for Pages individually (and Numbers) as well as all other stuff to set up and backup stuff from the iCloud settings screen.